Poll 2010 Korean Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2010 Korean GP Driver of the Weekend

  • Jenson Button

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  • Lewis Hamilton

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  • Fernando Alonso

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  • Nico Hülkenberg

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  • Robert Kubica

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  • Vitaly Petrov

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Vitantonio Liuzzi

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  • Sébastien Buemi

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  • Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Sakon Yamamoto

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  • Bruno Senna

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  • Nick Heidfeld

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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  • Timo Glock

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  • Lucas di Grassi

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A difficult weekend for all the drivers bearing in mind the brand new circuit, slippery surface and then there was the rain to contend with.

Who though showed what they're made of by putting in a good performance all weekend?

As always it's all relative to the cars and teams they have to work with so don't forget those drivers further down the grid.
I know he didn't finish and I did cheer when he blew up but I am nominating Vettel, if it was not for the engine blowing up he would have walked away with the race and matched with a great qually lap I think he deserves it.

While not driver of the weekend stuff, gotta say well done to Schuey, a pretty decent weekend all considered.
Thanks for sticking the poll up Bro, I've had a total :censored: of a day so far.

As for Driver of the Weekend, for me it has to be Vettel. But for the fact that his Renault Engine turned itself into a bag of broken bits and bobs he looked set for a convincing win. His speed all weekend was impressive but he dominated the race and lead from the front in testing conditions.

A mention in dispatches must also go to Schuey who for spells showed signs of his old self. You have to wonder how Nico would of done had he completed the race because in the early stages the Mercs were looking pretty sharp.
Vettel for me, who qualified brilliantly and drove a perfect race in difficult conditions, only to be let down by his engine when it emptied its contents all over the main straight.
Alonso did ok but nothing special, on top of which he was a right old moaning minnie at the start; "Worst conditions I've ever driven in"? Come off it, you big girl's blouse!
As a Hamilton fan I can't vote for him, for that mistake on the safety car restart which may in the end have cost him the win.

I would like to give Vitantonio Liuzzi a mention; although he didn't qualify well, he showed his teammate how to do it in the race and got a well-deserved 6th place finish. :thumbsup:
Vettel for me too. Brilliant qualie lap, kept it all together at each of the SC restarts and, all in all, a brilliant drive. Would have been interesting to see how he would have coped with pressure from Alonso at the end of the race but, alas, we were cheated of that treat.
It should probably be Vettel for his pole lap and strong showing until the blowup, but I'm taking Alonso.
I'm going to go for Rosberg, if not for Webber hitting him he would of been on the podium, his bravery on the restart shows he was hungry and able to get a lot of points this weekend. This guy will do well one day.
teabagyokel said:
Rosberg could have won it, which tempers my praise for Schuey.

Indeed he could have, he was in front of Hamilton so he would have been in front of Alonso too after his pit error. F1 can be a cruel sport at times.
I don't see how one can say that Rosberg would have been on the podium; could, maybe, but there was still a long race ahead which he still would have had to negotiate, even if Webber hadn't clobbered him. And anyway, both Mercs had been converted to a full wet set-up during the hiatus, tempering my view on both their drivers' performances relative to all the others who were in cars with dry set-ups.
I went with Seb. He was in control all day and was extremely gracious after his blowup.

Good job by Senna and Yamamoto as well just to bring those HRT's home, albeit two laps adrift.
Tough call, many highs and lows in this race but even if it's only for nagging everyone to start racing I'm going for Lewis - he came across as the only one who had turned up to do his job, and was certainly one of the better perfomers once they started, especially in the later stages.
Yup, I agree with ^^^that lot, Vettel for me as well, handled the SC restarts well and save for the engine going POOF! 9 laps from the end he could well have got a grande chelem.
I think alonso had a very good drive, he kept the inters in very good shape compaared to the rest of the feild, and was nursing an engine that was nuging on its milage capacity. I dont think Vettel ever really dropped him, and i think it would have been close at the end between them. Luizzi and Schumi also deserve a mention.
Tough one isn't it? Rosberg was the unknown quantity, Hamilton was strong all weekend, Alonso played the percentages and took the win, whilst Vettel led all the way until mechanical failure.

I'm going to offer it to Vettel, not least for being surprisingly gracious after the blow-up.
teabagyokel said:
I don't believe Schumacher is getting the praise for yet another weekend where he was trounced by his team-mate.
Quite. :snigger:
He was in a car with a good wet set-up, the team having pulled a neat trick in modifying both cars during the break.
He still got outperformed by Rosberg.
He overtook Jenson Button on the track. Where did Jenson finish? just ahead of Kovalainen and the two Hispanias.
He got the 8th fastest lap of the race, which would more than likely have been 10th fastest if Webber and Rosberg had continued.
And yet here he gets three votes, 12% of the overall vote, for Driver of the Weekend? It does not compute. :givemestrength:
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