2010 Chump of the Season

2010 Chump of the Season

  • Jenson Button

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  • Michael Schumacher

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  • Sebastian Vettel

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  • Nico Hülkenberg

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  • Robert Kubica

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  • Vitaly Petrov

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Vitantonio Liuzzi

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  • Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Karun Chandhok

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  • Sakon Yamamoto

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  • Bruno Senna

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  • Nick Heidfeld

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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  • Timo Glock

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  • Lucas di Grassi

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Not my cup of cake
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As with the driver of the season who, in your opinion, proved to be the Chump of the season? Who bottled it? Who proved to be more accident prone that Andrea de Cesaris or who had a fast car and simply couldn't remember which pedal to push and when?

Again, you have 14 days. Should someone put forward a really persuasive argument you can change your vote.
I have gone for Senna. He used his chosen Surname to obtain a ride and then proved conclusively that the name was all he had in common with Ayrton.
I've had to go for Schumie - worst comeback since Nigel Mansell (although MS did at least fit in the car :snigger: )
I've gone for Massa.

Compared to his team mate and bearing in mind how close the 2 Red Bull and McLaren drivers are to each other, he has had a dreadful season.

Schumie was too obvious, I never expected him to do that well anyway due to his age and the amount of time he has been out of F1.
I too considered Schumacher (not being a fan of his, and that's the polite way of saying it) but I agree with Brogan that he didn't do any worse than I expected, and I was even a little impressed with his attitude after the Abu Dhabi crash.

So I'll go for Mark Webber for folding so spectacularly in the last two or three races, going out with a whimper and losing a title that he could and perhaps should have won from the position he was in.
Controversially, I have chosen Sebastian Vettel!

Turkey and Spa were the most flagrant examples of poor driving and awareness of the proximity of other cars. His :crazy: berating of his team mate in Turkey was a clear example of his lack of respect for his peers. Saying that... he was regularly trounced by Mark Webber, a clear indication of how much work he has to do to become what - surely he will become - a worthy multiple World Champion.

We mustn't forget that series of lamentable starts where Sebastian attempted to steer his faster starting opponents into various walls. And then there was pitlane incident with Lewis Hamilton in China, which was as blatant a disregard for the safety of others as Michael's attempt to kill Rubens Barrichello.
Nearly went for Alonso for not being able to finish the season off, but then decided that the WDC in waiting (he's not WDC until December) should have this due to his sheer chumpery during the year.
I've gone for Webber, I think he threw his hopes away this year.

The two stand out occasions are driving up the back up of a Lotus (I hope he paid air fares), and spinning needlessly in the wet - what with Vettels engine blowing up he could have had a relatively easy win!

Unforgivable at Hungary what he tried to do to Rubens :p

And then acted nonchalant about it ala early 2000's when he was winning everything 8-)
Liuzzi or Schumacher? Quite ironic that they crashed into each other in the last race really but Liuzzi just scrapes my chump of the year for pretty much only showing up at 2 or 3 races and more often than not being the fall guy in Q1
di Grassi. All f the newcomers at least showed flashes of skill, but di Grassi didn't. With a very slow car, and timo as a teammate its hardly suprising, but i dont think he will be in an f1 car next year.
Liuzzi: diabolical. I hope Sutil does get that Renault drive, then I suspect we can put his, and Tonio's, performances in perspective.
I had to go with Trulli. Just an obscenely uninspiring season. Didn't produce a single memorable moment all year aside from the several crashes that he caused. Yes the car was slow, but at least Heikki seemed to be enjoying himself once in a while.
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