Poll 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2010 Brazilian GP Driver of the Weekend

  • Jenson Button

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  • Nico Rosberg

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  • Felipe Massa

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  • Fernando Alonso

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  • Vitaly Petrov

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Vitantonio Liuzzi

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  • Sébastien Buemi

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  • Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Christian Klien

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  • Bruno Senna

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  • Nick Heidfeld

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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  • Timo Glock

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  • Lucas di Grassi

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A couple of obvious choices as usual but was there anyone else who stood out all weekend?

Nico Hülkenberg had an excellent qualifying putting it on pole but quickly went backwards when the race started so does that rule him out of the running?
No stand out performances this weekend really although Button and Rosberg do deserve praise for their fights through the field. However, simply for the pole position my vote would go to Williams for a great call but as it is I'll vote Hulkenberg for hammering the car round on that lap and also being able to keep Alonso and Hamilton behind for a considerable amount of time.
I've gone for Seb as he nailed it into the first corner and didn't miss a beat throughout the race. Handled the restart behind the SC really well and showed Webber a clean pair of heels. I know the Red Bull is the quickest car but you still have to win the race.
KekeTheKing said:
Good drive by Button. Good strategy call and wasn't challenged by anyone after the stops. Good pace at the end of the race. Good.
Yep, I criticised him last time out for a lacklustre drive, but he put in a good performance this time around, so JB for me too.
A question for those who voted for Button (some here might take this as just part of my prejudice but I assure you it's not). Yes Button had a good race in terms of places gained versus grid position, helped by a clever strategy call (was it his choice or McLarens?), but I'm struggling with making him driver of the weekend simply as he made such a horlicks of qualifying. If he had done a better job in Q2 he would have been higher up the grid and not needed to make any strategy call or overtake people like Sutil, Petrov and Massa.
It's a fair point, and in a race devoid of real outstanding performances, I chose Button on the basis of 'praise where praise is due' after making him the chump last time out for an opposite performance.

As you say, his qualifying put him in that position, but then I don't think anyone particularly excelled throughout the weekend.
Agreed FB.
Taken over the whole weekend, Lewis out-qualified Jenson, beat him in the race and took fastest lap.

Voting for Button therefore makes no sense at all to me.
Yes, Jenson's quali was bad, but that's not a new development. Yes, he was slower than Lewis, nothing shocking there. Sure, he benefited from The Hulk's futile attempts to keep quicker cars at bay. But I just couldn't vote for the Red Bulls who were given an insurmountable cushion right away, or Hamilton who finished behind a competitor that he started in front of and who he desperately needed to beat.
I'm sort of getting used to seeing things in my own weird world, but I don't get Vettel being driver of the weekend....

Hulkenburg seemed to get the better start to me, and rather than getting bogged down in the gears it just seemed that the Red Bull powered past him, so I couldn't give that to Vettel

Quite probably on three separate occasions in the race messages or actions were taken on Webber which ensured he stayed behind, so Vettel was not racing him

Hamilton and Alonso were the only two drivers anywhere close to the Red Bulls, but on consistent laps times they were not in the same league so who was Vettel racing?

Vettel came first, but I don't really think he won
Hulk...lack of a confirmed seat for next year will do that... he went backwards commensurate with the car/grip levels in the race...nothing unusual in that...if it was Hungary he might have held onto 4th place...

McLaren, Ferrari and RBR have fairly comfortably jumped several positions and recovered from bad qually this year with an early or late tyre change call...so nothing unusual with Button's effort there... though the move on Massa was pretty sweet...
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