2008 F1 season - new records set

If nothing unexpected occurs in Brazil then 2008 will be the first F1 season ever where none of the teams have changed their driver line-up. Every team looks like hitting the last race with the same two drivers as they had for the first race (except for Super Aguri obviously, but they only had the same two drivers). Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Also - there will have been the lowest ever number of different drivers in one season - 22. The previous low was in 2002 when 23 drivers ran in 20 different cars. I think that this is preferable to the era when paying drivers would swap around in the back-marker teams, but I would also much prefer there to be 13 or 14 teams fighting it out for 26 places on the grid. Is this level of consistency just a fluke or is there something else going on to explain why nobody has been ditched and replaced?
Funny you should mention the number of drivers, gav was just talking about that the other day and saying how sad it was that it was the lowest number ever.

Like you I too would prefer to see more teams competing.
Sometimes the races can seem a little empty compared to other series'.

Also, it would great if some of the teams could give a drive to their test/other drivers for the final 1 or 2 races of the season.
Obviously this is never going to happen as points, statistics and records are too important these days, even if a driver or constructor has secured their final position in the standings.

Would be a great way to see how they perform under race conditions though.
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