1979 Austrian Grand Prix


Hey guys, I just got the full race footage from Osterreichring 1979 and I wanted to share some of it with you while we still have two weeks before Turkey. The video quality is excellent but there is no commentary. I've added subtitles to some parts to help people follow the action.

This version is with the Natural Sounds only.

In this version I've taken the liberty of adding in some of 1979's finest tunes.

Let me know if you want to see more of this stuff.
Brilliant Keke. My son just asked me if anyone ever ran over the bloke with the chequered flag? LOL
Glad you all are enjoying this footage.

For those that are interested, I've gone through the Lap Chart for this race and found 38 Overtakes.

Lap 2
Arnoux (Renault) on Lauda (Brabham) - P3
Laffite (Ligier) on Pironi (Tyrrell) - P6
Jabouille (Renault) on Scheckter (Ferrari) - P8
Jabouille (Renault) on Pironi (Tyrrell) - P7
Patrese (Arrows) on Watson (McLaren) - P14

Lap 3
Regazzoni (Williams) on Lauda (Brabham) - P4
Jabouille (Renault) on Laffite (Ligier) - P6
Scheckter (Ferrari) on Pironi (Tyrrell) - P8
Scheckter (Ferrari) on Laffite (Ligier) - P7
Piquet (Brabham) on Tambay (McLaren) - P12
Stuck (ATS) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P16
Stuck (ATS) on Watson (McLaren) - P15
Gaillard (Ensign) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P17

Lap 4
Jones (Williams) on Villeneuve (Ferrari) - P1
Jabouille (Renault) on Lauda (Brabham) - P5
Jabouille (Renault) on Regazzoni (Williams) - P4
Scheckter (Ferrari) on Lauda (Brabham) - P6
Piquet (Brabham) on Rosberg (Wolf) - P11
de Angelis (Lotus) on Gaillard (Ensign) - P17
Reutemann (Lotus) on Gaillard (Ensign) - P18

Lap 5
Laffite (Ligier) on Lauda (Brabham) - P7
Piquet (Brabham) on Daly (Tyrrell) - P10

Lap 7
Reutemann (Lotus) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P17

Lap 9
Piquet (Brabham) on Pironi (Tyrrell) - P9

Lap 10
Scheckter on Regazzoni (Williams) - P5
Ickx (Ligier) on Fittipaldi (Fittipaldi) - P20

Lap 11
Arnoux (Renault) on Villeneuve (Ferrari) - P1
Stuck (ATS) on Patrese (Arrows) - P14
Ickx (Ligier) on Gaillard (Ensign) - P18

Lap 12
Jabouille (Renault) on Villeneuve (Ferrari) - P3

Lap 13
Jabouille (Renault) on Arnoux (Renault) - P2

Lap 16
Piquet (Brabham) on Lauda (Brabham) - P8

Lap 21
Laffite (Ligier) on Regazzoni (Williams) - P5
Lauda (Brabham) on Piquet (Brabham) - P7

Lap 25
Watson (McLaren) on Patrese (Arrows) - P13

Lap 28
Piquet (Brabham) on Lauda (Brabham) - P7

Lap 41
Watson (McLaren) on Tambay (McLaren) - P10

Lap 54
Laffite (Ligier) on Scheckter (Ferrari) - P3

Total - 38 Overtakes
Fabulous stuff Keke. They don't make them like that any more - circuits or drivers. Gilles is so much later on the brakes into Boschkurve than anybody else!
Yeah, The O-Ring would have been amazing to drive around. Constant elevation changes, fast-sweeping bends, and enthusiasts camped around the entire circuit.

My favorite moment of the race was when Laffite dove in between Regazzoni and the lapped Ensign of Patrick Gaillard. From the long angle, it's impossible to tell how close he was to those two cars, but it couldn't have been much more than a couple inches.

Great drive from Jones too. After getting past Villeneuve, he walked away from the field.

This was the 3rd of 4 wins in a row for the Williams FW07 as well.
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