Too old to watch the Asian races live.
For those of you that missed last night's NASCAR race, Tony Stewart is the new champ. He attained the honor by winning the race, passing 118 cars in the process, which left him with the same number of points as Edwards. Stewart won by virtue of having more race wins.

So congratulations to Tony Stewart, one of the true racers in all of motorsports. Too bad he never went into F1.
Even though I live in the land of Nascar, and have to watch my F1 races on SPEED, in my view the NASCAR network, this was the first time that I had really watched an entire NASCAR event. It really was an exciting race because of it's championship implications, and being a fan of Stewart, I was truly happy with his win, after such a brilliant performance.

Mobil 1, ran commercials here in the U.S. featuring Stewart and Hamilton, which were fairly entertaining.

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