Your worst race?


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Following on from teabagyokel thread on your best race. I thought i'd create a thread on your worst race. Please don't put races where they was a death as they all awful circuimstances.

The 2005 USA Grand Prix was an embrassment to F1. But mine comes the following year at the 2006 USA GP.

The Race

Well this race was doomed as soon as the 22 cars headed into turn two. Mark Webber caused the first collision with then Red Bull driver Christain Klien which also took out Frank Montagny. But it was the crash into turn 2 that finished the race IMHO. Montoya stupidly turned into his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and caused more clamity in the process. Montoya then clouted Jenson Button who in return got his right tyre caught by Nick Heidfeld, that resulted in the BMW driver doing a triple roll over. Thankfully the German driver escaped unhurt. Montoya's bad day continued when he cliped Scott Speeds Toro Rosso. 7 cars had retired on the first lap alone but within 10 laps of the race they was 10 car's down.

By the end of the race it was a Ferrari 1-2 , with Surprise Surprise Michael Schumacher coming home 1st, Felipe Massa coming home 2nd and Giancarlo Fisichella rounding out the podium positions. By the end of the race there was only 9 cars running, Nico Rosberg was the unlucky one to miss out on points (back then points only went to 8th place).

After that race we saw nothing from Juan Pablo Montoya again. Mclaren fined him and banned him from the next race.

What about you?
Even when he's crashing Nick looked graceful!

Now I've got to say few races annoyed me quite like Hockenheim 2010. Maybe it was how blatant it was, maybe it was the lack of punishment, or maybe it was David Coulthard endlessly repeating the rule was "unenforceable" without ever giving an explanation as to why. That is something a pundit would do, afterall.

They write in a rule, then once it's broken do they punish the perpetrators? No, they remove the rule.

Crime and punishment, yo.
From a heavily biased Lewis Hamilton fan viewpoint - Brazil 2007

Looking at it from a general perspective, Australia 2004, considering all the pre hype of the season and everyone saying how close it was going to be, it was such an anti climax, showed what was to follow that season
Being totally neutral, Brazil 07 is one of the best and most dramatic races ever.

As a Hamilton fan it was pure and inhumane torture.
Abu Dhabi 2010. Rock bottom. Not because Seb won the WDC or because Alonso lost but because of the farce that was overtaking in the Bridgestone years. Fernando in a car miles faster couldn't get past Petrov and it ruined the championship "showdown".
USA 2005, it is needless to say, was soul-sapping.

But my ire is reserved for the biggest disappointments, really. The 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix always stands out for me as a race which was set up perfectly, at one of the calendar's better tracks and, frankly, sod all happened.
I will always remember the bitter pill that was the 2008 Japanese Grand Prix.

Hamilton was on Pole and received a penalty for locking brakes and running deep into the first corner (without contact mind you) and was then punted to the back of the field by Massa when he went off the circuit and came back on into Lewis' path. Felipe did incur a penalty but was able to bring the car home in P8 for a point.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Massa was promoted to P7 when his collision with Sebastien Bourdais was adjudged to have been worthy of a post-race penalty for the Toro Rosso driver. This additional point almost proved pivotal.

Coupled with the Belgian debacle three rounds earlier, it certainly appeared as if the 2008 title was slipping away as well.
The 2005 U.S.G.P. farce puts everything else in the shade.
Not least because I have always been certain that, if those circumstances had arisen elsewhere, say Monaco or Monza, the FIA would have moved heaven and earth to ensure that a proper race would take place. I have always had the sneaking suspicion that the FIA and Bernie had the attitude: "oh well, it's just the Americans".
Don't you remember Vettel's "gearbox problem"... and Alonso's awesome move round the outside of the ferradura?! (Or however you spell it)
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