Your second favourite F1 team?


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So guys I was wondering what is your second favourite team? The team along with the main one that you would like to see do well?

My main team used to be Ferrari... but along with them....I liked Minardi be crazy not to support them...also liked Stewart and Benneton, well most of the teams on the '99 grid

Then I started liking Jaguar because of their sexy livery.

After them I started liking BMW that team impressed me with their livery and their progress season by season and they also had Kubica the rising star, and where like the only team in 2007-2008 that could fight it out with the giants of F1...(McLaren and Ferrari).

Then there's Toro Rosso, who I have just always liked for some odd reason, maybe it's because they are ex-Minardi and carry the same traits...for young upcoming drivers, small budget.

Last year I found myself liking, Toro Rosso, Sauber and Force India....didn't have a main team

This year however I like Toro Rosso, Sauber and Mercedes (best livery this year)

So what team has your soft spot apart from your ultimate favourite team, and why? Is it because like me, you love the car liverys? The way a team impresses you? Talented driver coming through the ranks in a team?
First team definitely Mclaren. Second team probably Team lotus/1 Malaysia1, the way they operate and the job Mike Gasgoyne has done there has been fantastic, particularly when compared to Virgin and HRT, added to the fact the iconic green livery is gorgeous.
They all seem a tiny bit bland to me now. I don't see a plucky underdog like Osella, Minardi or even Jordan there any more. Even Team Lotus are strangely clinical and seem lacking in passion (from the outside).

If Williams are my favourite team, which I suppose they are, then perhaps Sauber are my second favourite, because Peter is a true racer, a man of apparent dignity (alone amongst team principals?) and in the late '80s was involved in some of the greatest racing cars in history (IMO).

That's my view this week. After Sunday it might have changed again. I'm quite easy with my affections in this respect!
My favourite team is Mclaren and my second favourite current team is Williams (I went off them a bit after they sacked Damon Hill, but I've recovered from that now).

But my all-time favourite team has to be Tyrrell. A superb team boss and a true gentleman, who knew how to build a fantastic car, coupled with one of the all-time great drivers. And the car was blue, my favourite colour, to boot!
I'm a dyed in the wool Williams man and although my favourite colour is blue I loved the green and white Saudi's.

Over time I've also supported Brabham (coz the pointy ones looked cool and I could race them both on my Scalextric); Jordan; Paul Stoddard's Minardi coz they operated down the road in Ledbury; and these days I guess I'm closest to Sauber for pretty much the reasons given by Galahad...
It's no secret that I'm a McLaren supporter, although I do prefer the original orange to what we have today ;)

As for a second team, hmmmm, that's a toughie.

I suppose Williams is always one team I want to do well, although I'm rapidly going off them due to their ridiculous pay driver policy. Yes I understand it brings in some money, but to the detriment of better race results and faster development, ultimately leading to more sponsorship.

Sauber's another team I'd like to see doing well again, for reasons already mentioned.

For some reason I also like Force India. Not sure why really as they're quite anonymous, hardly ever featuring in the media or news stories. I suppose they're my 'underdog' team.
I always like midfield teams to do well for some reason...I am also happy to see HRT close the gap to Virgin quite rapidly.

I agree with the orange their Brogan....but I prefer the WEST as I loved the WEST livery, and the chrome livery in 2006 :o
I can see that happening...but Virgin do have some big upgrades coming for HRT you never know about them...just hope they change that front wing of theirs...hideous.

I kind of liked Virgin last year, they didn't seem to be doing too bad with less funds and upgrades than Lotus yet they were always near them on pace.
I have been puzzling over this one for a while now. The problem is I don't know what my favourite team is! :dunno:

Had you asked me what my least favourite team was 5 years ago, I wouldn't have hesitated in saying it was McLaren! :o

They haven't actually done anything other than signing Lewis Hamilton that would ingratiate them with me...

Williams was always high on my list but they consistently botched pitstops and negotiations with World Champions. In fact how they treated Damon Hill - replacing him before his Championship winning season had even begun - was so appalling as to make it impossible for me to have anything other than utter contempt for their team.

I always liked BAR but they became Honda and that wasn't a particularly pleasing transformation.

My second favourite team has to be Mercedes and my favourite will have to remain a mystery as much to me as anyone else... :blink:
I have to say I've found myself more and more rooting for the Hispania boys since Australia just because the odds are stacked against them. Also I think Liuzzi is a little under-rated.

They have managed to catch up to the pack by 3 seconds since Australia which has to be admired. Be interesting to see what they could do with a little bit of cash. Heres hoping for a servere rainstorm and them picking up a point to get a share in the spoils. There pretty much in front of the Virgin's now so they only need 12 cars to retire to get it!
McLaren then Sauber.. I suppose.

Generally I like to see the underdogs do well, I was really happy for Force India when they had a couple of strong races with their low downforce package.
Used to love the Minardi team when their were around. They were the best team to start out at (you only have to look at how far Alonso and Webber have come since spending time with that team). Now under the name Toro Rosso almost alot of them are still the same team that were in the Minardi days just the investment side is alot bigger. Quite like Toro Rosso but don't like them as much as i used to like Minardi.

I have two favourite teams in F1 Mclaren and Williams. Williams because of the Damon Hill era and i started liking Mclaren when Kimi Raikkonen joined them. I've supported both ever since and am gutted at the way things are going at Team Willy, i really hope they find some investment soon as i'll be devasted if they were to leave the sport.

For the past two season's FI out of all the other teams have caught my eye. I really like how their go about stuff, you never hear anything bad written about them in the press. With Sutil at the wheel they've moved from Tailenders to the top Midfielders in the space of 3/4 season. I'm hoping Sutil and Di Resta will score a good chunk of points in the remainder of the season, so they can go on to finish 6th like last season.
Not really into teams - I've always been a driver supporter.

I like one man/woman sports too. Individuals are the most important; once they join together and become a "team" a lot of ability/intellect/innovation is lost.
I suppose (and not that surprisingly) McLaren are my main team.

Second team? Williams. OK, the Hill escapade shook my convictions for a while, but that was a few years ago now and, of the current grid, Williams are my "garagista". :)

Drivers. Well, there's a question, (OK, it's a question that wasn't asked and just stating 'Drivers' isn't actually a question) but, as you didn't ask, Jenson Button is my favourite. Lewis might also benefit from my support aswell... ;)

Some might say that I appear to show a slightly "British" slant in my appreciation, but I also liked the Jordan team. So... :p
I was going to make the article about teams and drivers...but I never got round to it as I typed this up and thought the article would get too long.

Feel free to add drivers in aswell
Bit of tricky decision for me. I don't really have a favourite team or indeed a second favourite as I've always watched the drivers more than the teams. I used to say I was a Williams fan through and through. They were the team I wanted to do well back in the 90's but times change and so do teams.

I wouldn't call myself a McLaren, Williams or Red Bull fan but the team I want to do well are Virgin, don't really need to say why as you are all probably sick of me talking about the boys from Yorkshire :D
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