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In response to cider_and_toast 's excellent "Greatest Grid" thread, how about grids which could be achieved by a variety of means.

This, for example, is Formula Also Ferrari, a grid of drivers who had also driven for Scuderia Ferrari in their time.


Any other rules and interesting grids we could come up with?


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How about, Eddie Jordan's Drivers: (all the named drivers below have driven for Eddie Jordan Racing at some stage of the careers)

Ferrari - Jean Alesi and Michael Schumacher
McLaren - Andrea De Cesaris and Ayrton Senna
Lotus - Johnny Herbert and Martin Donnelly
Williams - Rubens Barichello and Damon Hill
Tyrell - Stefan Johansson and Stefano Modena
Toyota - Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trulli
March - Ivan Cappelli and Emanuele Naspetti
Larousse - Aguri Suzuki and Bertrand Gachot
Minardi - Alex Zanardi and Roberto Moreno
Arrows - Heinz Harold Frentzen and Thierry Boutson
BAR - Takuma Sato and Ricardo Zonta


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The "none european" grid.

Ferrari - Fangio, Giles Vilenurve
Mclaren - Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittapaldi
Williams - Alan Jones, Juan Pabol Montoya
Brabham - Jack Brabham, Nelson Piquet
Lotus - Mario Andretti, Nakajima
Sauber - Kobayashi, Massa
Arrows - Riccardo Rosset, Enrique Bernoldi
B.A.R - Jaques Villenurve, Takuma Sato
Minardi - Mark Webber, Teo Marques
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