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In F1's long and glorious history we all know there have been some fantastic drives and those sit long in the memory but with this thread I'm hoping people will go a little broader and deeper with their thinking.

For you, what would be your most incredible F1 moments, those moments that sit forever and just go above and beyond a driver having a dominant race or getting a grand chelem. It may be that the driver in question didn't actually win or even finish the race but something they did will stand out forever.

A couple of examples would perhaps be Jim Clark coming back from a puncture in last place and a lap down, to un-lap himself and then go on to take the lead (only to run out of fuel and finish 4th) or perhaps it was Alesi's duel in a Tyrrell with Senna at Pheonix? Everyone remembers Senna's opening laps at Donnington but let's not forget Rubens did much the same in a less superior car from much further back on the grid before failing to finish.

So anymore??
Sato in a Super Aguri passing Alonso's McLaren at Montreal sticks in the memory when this is raised.

I often bang on about Heidfeld's double overtakes at Silverstone in 2008 as well; hidden somewhat by Hamilton's dominance was the race of Heidfeld's career.

Webber qualifying at Sepang in 2004 for Jag was impressive.

That moment when Rosberg and Petrov pitted and made Alonso's third title "complicated".

The cross-McLaren fight in Budapest in 2011.

The Hulk's unfulfilled promise in 2012 at Interlagos.
For me 2007 and 2008 are the seasons that stick in my mind and you could pick countless moments from both. They're the seasons that transformed me from frequent F1 watcher in to die hard F1 fan.

A few from the top of my head:

Alonso trying to pass Hamilton at Indianapolis 2007 and McLaren refusing to make Lewis give way.

Incredible moment in Brazil 2008 where Massa wins the race and his family in the garage think the championship too only for Hamilton to overtake Glock in the final few corners and steal it from him.

The two F1 races I have been to so far:
Silverstone 2008: Hamilton's dominance in the wet.
Monza 2008: Vettel's first win, in the wet and in a Toro Rosso!

Hamilton in the gravel at China 2007.

The battle between Raikkonen and Hamilton at a damp Spa in 2008.

There's definitely many more that I've forgotten. These are obviously quite Hamilton centric but for me the tension and excitement in those two years is unparalleled in my time of watching F1 and he was a big part of it.
I think it was Silverstone 2008 where button was massively quick in the shitheap honda, until he threw it off the road...
The end of whatever race it was ? When Mansell put the nose of his Williams in front of Piquet to win the race on the very last lap, that really hooked me in to F1
I'll never forget when Webber took flight. I'll always wonder what would have happened if he didn't hit the signage above the circuit.

And although I didn't witness these live, I think Toleman's stunt at Brands Hatch 82 with Warwick and his half-tank charge, along with Capelli's run at Paul Ricard 1990 are two of the more remarkable moments in GP history.
Schumacher and Alonso's battle at Imola and Turkey in 2005/6.
The late drama at the Nurburgring in 2005/7.
Japan 2005 where Raikkonen and Alonso battled through, especially Alonso's pass on Schumacher at 130R.

I'd watched F1 for a few years by then, but 2005 was the year I started to watch it religously.
1970 Monaco GP. For Rindt to have hounded Brabham into making a last-corner error was unbelievable. Pressuring Jack into that kind of mistake had to be about as likely as convincing the sun to not rise in the morning.
The end of whatever race it was ? When Mansell put the nose of his Williams in front of Piquet to win the race on the very last lap, that really hooked me in to F1

Silverstone 1987, methinks Titch . The days when those nice fat tyres and mechanical grip meant the Williams looked like it was going round on rails. So graceful Mansell didn't look as fast as he was. Magnificent.

Stirling Moss winning in the little Lotus at Monaco in 1961 (I think)
Jim Clark and Graham Hill anywhere!
Lauda, Hunt and Andretti in the peeing rain at Fuji !976 was it?
Mansell's great drive only to end in tears with that infamous Adelaide blow out.
Damon Hill's wet Spa weekend, race drive and win for Jordan 1998 and his Hungary performance in the Arrows the following year.
Hakkinen's race and particularly the move on Schumacher at Spa-Francorchamps c.2000.
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Monza 1999, Jen, Hakkinen in the trees of the royal park.

Frentzen got that win, looked like a bet for the title at the start of the next race but stopped as he came out if the pits in Nurburg to start a ridiculous event...

Good times!
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