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Here's a little something to keep us amused for half an hour while we wait for the long summer break to end and the season to begin again.

Let's imagine, much like the classic Bill and Ted film, that you've invented a time machine and have gone back in time to assemble the your greatest grid to replace the current teams for the remainder of the season. Who would they be and in which cars?

There are 22 drivers spread across 11 teams so who would you replace them with?

The only rule I'm going to set is that the drivers you choose must have driven for the team you place them in for example, if you choose Gilles Villeneuve you could put him in a McLaren or a Ferrari but not a Red Bull. The only exception I will make to this is for current drivers as there are only a handful of people who have ever driven a Red Bull for example, so you could place those guys if you wish to include them, where ever you want.

So, let your imagination run wild.
Under these restrictive rules, I can not add drivers who have only driven for teams, that don't exist anymore (like Jackie Stewart)..
Yeah, German F1, you just put them in their respective cars, In Stewart's case you could put him in a BRM, A March, A Matra or A Tyrell. You can bring back any team or car you like. You just have to use drivers that actually drove for those teams, that's all.
My greatest grid would be....

McLaren MP4/4: Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton
Ferrari 156: Gilles Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher
Lotus 79: Jim Clark and Ronnie Peterson
Renault RS10: Alain Prost and Fernando Alonso
Tyrrell 003: Jackie Stewart and Jody Scheckter
Williams FW14B: Alan Jones and Damon Hill
BRM P57: Graham Hill and Jochen Rindt
Red Bull RB7: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Jordan 191: Rubens Barichello and Jean Alesi
Brabham BT52B: Nelson Piquet and Elio De Angelis
Mercedes Benz W196: Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss.

That for me would be the ultimate grid. I had to give Hamilton what would surely be his ultimate dream of driving alongside Senna in the awesome MP4/4. Despite what I may think of him, Schumacher has to be on the grid. There are a few drivers on there for a bit of fun as well for example, Alan Jones and Jean Alesi. Mark Webber is on there because he was saying that there were better drivers around when he started plus I wanted a Red Bull on the grid and it was either Webber or Coulthard in the second seat.
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My teams have brought a mixture of chassis for their two cars, hope that's ok? Some picks are for quality, some are just favourites of mine.

1. Clark Lotus 49
2. Senna McLaren MP4/8
3. Prost Renault RE40
4. Schumacher Benetton B195
5. Fangio Mercedes-Benz W196
6. Ascari Lancia D50
7. Lauda McLaren MP4/2
8. Hamilton Mercedes-Benz W04
9. Alonso Renault R25
10. Piquet Brabham BT52
11. Peterson Lotus 72
12. K Rosberg Williams FW08
13. Reutemann Brabham BT44B
14. Ickx Ferrari 312B
15. Jones Williams FW07B
16. Berger Benetton B186
17. Alboreto Ferrari 156/85
18. Castellotti Lancia D50
19. Patrese Arrows FA1
20. Surer Arrows A6
21. Nannini Minardi M187
22. Martini Minardi M194

It wouldn't be a proper F1 grid without some Arrows and Minardis at the back now would it?
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That's fine Galahad, it wasn't uncommon back in the day for a two drivers to have different chassis in the same season.

The MP4/8 is an interesting choice of chassis for McLaren. (it did make me realise I'd got the wrong McLaren and edit my list to the MP4/4 which is the car I'd actually had in mind).
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1. Fangio Mercedes W196
2. Moss Mercedes W196
3. Clark Lotus 79
4. Andretti Lotus 79
5. Hulme McLaren M23
6. Prost McLaren M23
7. Schumacher Benneton B189
8. Nannini Benneton B189
9. Phil Hill Ferrari 312B
10. Alesi Ferrari 312B
11. Stewart Matra MS80
12. Amon Matra MS80
13. G Hill BRM P160
14. Siffert BRM P160
15. Brabham Brabham BT44
16. Piquet Brabham BT44
17. Peterson Tyrrell 007
18. Cevert Tyrrell 007
19. Jones Williams FW 07
20. D Hill Williams FW 07
21. Gurney AAR Eagle-Weslake
22. Senna Toleman TG184
Very cool thread. Literally thousands of combinations for this Fantasy Grid.

Here are my established runners.

McLaren: James Hunt / Gilles Villeneuve - M23
Ferrari: Phil Hill / Mario Andretti - 156 (Sharknose)
Lotus: Jim Clark / Ayrton Senna - 97T
Williams: Keke Rosberg / Nico Rosberg - FW10
Mercedes: Stirling Moss / Lewis Hamilton - W196
Bennetton: Michael Schumacher / Gerhard Berger - B186
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel / David Coulthard - RB1
Renault: Alain Prost / Fernando Alonso - RE30
BRM: Graham Hill / Mike Hawthorn - P57
Tyrrell: Jackie Stewart / Jean Alesi - 006
Alfa Romeo: Juan Manuel Fangio / Eddie Cheever - 159
Brabham: Jack Brabham / Nelson Piquet - BT52

These guys are forced to pre-qualify.

Sauber: Kimi Raikkonen / Jacques Villeneuve - F1.08
Jordan: Damon Hill / Martin Brundle - 191
AAR: Dan Gurney / Bruce McLaren - Eagle T1G
An attempt at a grid, including as many of the best as possible, but with a significant modern leaning due to my own experience:


No Red Bull because I'd rather include Heidfeld than Coulthard or Webber, but if Kimi does go there then Red Bull can be Kimi and Vettel, with BMW as Kubica/Heidfeld.

Numbers as much as possible to match iconic/numbers used and a hat-tip to the great Fangio.
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Just for fun, I've put the past twenty champions (plus GV and JA) into the teams which aren't most associated with their success.

Alonso has had 11 wins for Ferrari (so far), and Mario took 1 win there; Lauda took 2 wins for Brabham; Prost 9 wins for Renault; Hamilton 1 win for Mercedes (so far); Scheckter 4 wins for Tyrrell; Hunt 1 win for Hesketh.

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