Your favourite classic F1 car


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Every so often I like to have a mess about with 3D modelling applications as it was something I used quite a bit in my final year of university. I've not the least bit of talent for it but I just find it fun all the same.

A favourite of mine was 3D Studio Max, which is capable of pretty much anything up to the levels of pixar style graphics, here's a 3D Studio example: (p.s. these are done by much more talented folk than me LOL )

So in the spirit of the brave new world of free and open software I'm looking further afield to an application called Blender, free to anyone on pc, mac or linux As always the tools are only as good as the artist, so not to be outdone here is a blender-render by another talented swine:

And also someone tinkering with a more simple F1 model in Blender:

So really I need a muse to help me learn how to use this new application and I thought what better than a classic F1 car. More simple design than the more modern cars and brings together 2 subjects I enjoy.

So this is my starter for 10, a 1973 McLaren:

What do you guys think? All suggestions welcome and I might to a poll later if there are plenty of suggestions
It's difficult to believe the quality of renderings these days. I was told recently that most of what you see in store catalogues are renderings rather than photographs these days which probably explains why the products are so disappointing when you see them in the flesh.

Anyway, on to the question, this is my favourite classic F1 car the Ferrari 312 B2. I especially love the fact that you can see air intakes from the beautiful flat 12 in front of the suspension.

Nice one FB, im just going to pop up any useful images as I find them

Ferrari 312 B2 blueprint

1973 McLaren M23 blueprint
Thought you had actually rendered that McLaren initially Grib, was about to be very very impressed :)

On topic though, one of my all time favourites is the Lotus 79, painted in the famous John Player Special colours. Beautiful car that I was privleged enough to see racing around Silverstone at the classic several weeks ago. An absolute beauty :)

The last version of Blender I used was a little tricky to model with, great for rendering but I always used solidworks to model the product then import that into Blender for rendering.

If your used to GMAX you will probably have a better understanding of the modelling tools. I've always preferred CAD.

Can you import .dxf's into Blender?

Here's an interesting link. Plenty of models here but unfortunately not for free but they are a fine example of what can be done. ... uct=351890
Cheers MD, found a decent blueprint of the 78' model:

@F1Yorkshire: Just had a check of the import functionality and sure enough DXF is one of the first types that shows up in Blender.

EDIT: found a Mark 4 Lotus 79 one as well, looks a bit closer to the one in the picture
I'll see what models I can download for free and I'll have a go myself, not sure when I will get time as I'm now on holiday for the next 2 weeks.

I'll look forward to seeing some of your finished work.
F1Yorkshire said:
I'll see what models I can download for free and I'll have a go myself, not sure when I will get time as I'm now on holiday for the next 2 weeks.

I'll look forward to seeing some of your finished work.

The more the merrier. I wouldnt hold your breathe for anything spectacular coming from me tho LOL

here's another contender, the Tyrell P34:

While i'm waiting for some more suggestions ive just started having a tinker about with Blender on the 73' Mclaren to start to get a feel for it.

I'm so used to the user interface of 3DS Max that it is difficult to get out of some old habits, making some things more perplexing than perhaps if I had never used this kind of app before. But once over those little humps Blender is a very powerful and easy to use app - doubly good considering it is free.

So this is just a little bit I knocked up this morning whilst getting my bearings. This has been done with simple vertex extruding and creating faces on top once the vertices are (roughly) in place. Note: when creating objects of symmetry you only ever model the one half and then mirror it as I have done below.

Well I was having a play around with that MC73 model and I realised after years away from this hobby Ive still just as rubbish at curved surfaces as I ever was LOL

So as a test case I decided to try and create a Veyron model, the Veyron as we all know has more curves than your average centrefold :snigger:

Again Blender makes something a bit more difficult look easy with the sub surface modifiers you can add to the model, heres one I started yesterday (still low poly with modifier at level 1):


Even now comparing the images I can already see a few nasties that need to be fixed but other than that I think it looks promising.
Hey, looking good Grib. I bet its good fun learning all this stuff. I will come to you if I ever need a 3-d model doing for work :D
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