You Only Stig Thrice - The Series

For your entertainment I have decided to post the entire series of YOST in one place. We start at the beginning which seems a sensible idea even if the strip is rather insensible. This first episode was much like a pilot and was in honour of MCLS 's birthday. Just like on the telly a warm reception from Rooters fans meant that we, the occupants of Fenderman's Head, commissioned further episodes. So here we go and if you haven't received your own personal episode please understand that they are time consuming and we don't always get off the starting blocks in reasonable time for everyone's birthday. Sometimes we simply don't know when a birthday is looming until it's way too late.

Oh, and I should mention a few pointers:
  • Members who post a lot stand a much better chance of being on the receiving end than those who don't!
  • Members who do not wish to receive one of my purile yet slightly entertaining strips can message me in a private conversation or on my profile page. Don't worry, I will not be offended as I know the strip may not be everybody's cup of tea.
  • WARNING: Fenderman's comic strips, posters and Rooters News Group items contain material that parodies or satirises characters (real or imagined). No offense is intended to any individual, group or organisation portayed in the content.
  • Complaints should be submitted via personal conversation with Fenderman and will be dealt with in confidence and with sensitivity to the feelings of all concerned.
  • Feedback is always welcomed, again via conversation or on my profile page
Finally thank you for your attention, support or otherwise and I hope you enjoy the YOST series.

Fenderman and the Inhabitants of Fenderman's Head
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