You Bet 2022

after the big 4 week break, Youbet has copied F1 as its congratulations to the championship leader vintly took the Belgian GP spoils. in virtue of just staking 20 more on Russell, than their nearest rival

& the other honourable mentions for making a profit does to Me Dartman Bleu

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Dartman I can’t deny there was an element of covering your bet, but Russell each way seemed like the only value bet anyway, with Lewis only at 9/1. Had he been 12+ I woulda bet on Lewis, so that played out well. Be thankful I didn’t have the guts to stick to my initial idea of half my total stake on Max to win each race!
I'll go £200 on Max for the win. Myself and a friend have tickets, in the covered grandstand opposite the pits. It's safe to say I'm looking forward to it. With any luck I'll have some badly taken phone pics to show you. You can swoon over shots of the Red Bulls and be wowed by the sea of orange that you all know and love so much. ;)
vintly as long as its entertaining 😉. we don't want to see anyone lap the field every week

although should be fun. it did look like a great party in 2021
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