Yesterdays Tracks (rest of the world)


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To get the thread going, here are a couple of "lost tracks" from the rest of the world.

1) The Nordschleife - The F1 circuit to end them all. Over 14Km of road. The circuit that nearly cost Niki Lauda his life was about as mad a circuit as you could get and should have been shelved long before that almost tragic day in 1976. If you're brave enough you can pay per lap to drive the circuit. You will also see the new "ring" in the south west corner of the picture. Not the same is it?

2) Montjuich Park - Take note Valencia, it is possible to run a race on Spanish streets and it not be a total bore fest. Montjuich park was the home of the Spanish GP until the early 70's. A track that saw the nail in the coffin for those huge high wings. The track is still marked out today and can be driven round however i've no idea where it sits in this picture.

3) Autodrome Nelson Piquet - Wave goodbye to this sight as the track will be demolished to make way for the olympics now that Rio has won the bid to host the 2016 games. Not the first time a brick construction has caused the name Piquet to leave F1.

4) Rouen-Les-Essarts - One time home of the French GP this circuit run on public roads and in use as a track until 1994. Most of the buildings associated with the track were demolsihed in 1999. A sad way for a famous part of Motorsport history to go.

That's a few to get started with. Please add anymore you know of.
You're gonna love this one:

Miramas - Home of the French Grand prix in 1926, now a BMW test track.

I'm currently reading "Motor Racings Strangest Races" which I'm sure will throw up some more oddities as I get further into it.
Quite chuffed I found this one.

AVUS - Just outside Berlin is the AVUS GP track. The other track to host the German GP besides the Hockenheim and the Ring. It now forms part of the german road network but you can clearly see the bottom corner of the track in the picture.
Moroccan GP - Ain-Diab. Site of the 1958 Moroccan GP. So far the only grand prix held in North Africa. Held a non-championship GP in 1957 and the final race of the 1958 season which saw Mike Hawthorn crowned as Britains first WDC and Vanwall take the first WCC. The 7Km track is the rectangular series of roads in the centre of the picture.
Sitges-Terramar - following on from Miramas another pre-war oval circuit, Sitges held the 1923 Spanish Grand Prix, and then after a dispute over prize money, virtually nothing afterwards. It remains standing, and the land around (and I think within) the oval is now a chicken farm...
I know Monza is still the home of the Italian Grand Prix but the original oval circuit still exists in the park and can clearly be seen crossing the track on the straight running down to the Curva del Vialone.
This is supposedly where Bremgarten used to be. Looking at a circuit map I think you can make out the road network that used to make up the track.

Only used up until 1954 and the Swiss went all "Health and Safety" because of the accident at Le Mans.
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