Would you race in Bahrain?

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Chad Stewarthill

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There is a difference though, between being uncomfortable with a host country's human rights record, and knowingly returning to holding a race which was cancelled because of civil unrest, and where the regime was (and still is) knocking bits out of its own citizens.


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I think F1 could be heading to hell in a handcart here. As I've said before, a massive event symbolising the opulence of an unpopular dictatorial monarchy? Sounds bonkers to me!


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OK, there's a lot of cross posting going on, due to there being two Bahrain threads.

This one I presume is about the moral/ethics of it and therefore it's probably better off in the Off The (Pit) Wall forum.
Whereas the other thread is actually about the GP being cancelled and now reinstated.

I've locked it for now but I'll leave it to Speshal to sort out what to do with them both, once he's back online.
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