Will the Massa/Alonso partnership work?


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Felipe Massa has once again stated that he believes Alonso knew of the race-fixing at Singapore last year.

Without revisiting the whole story, how will this affect their relationship and Ferrari next year?

Is Massa going to bear a grudge which could eventually see the team imploding, McLaren 2007 style?

Or is it just Massa getting it off his chest before they have to work together next year?

I can see there being some issues if;
1. Massa isn't prepared to let this matter lie and
2. Alonso comes to the team expecing his usual No.1 status

It will be interesting to see how Ferrari handle it as they've never really had an equal driver policy so if they intend to start with Massa and Alonso it will be something new for them.

[bg=#E3001A]Autosport[/bg] Massa: Alonso knew about race-fixing
Mass - "Obviously I'm very disappointed about what transpired last year in Singapore: I have already said several times what I thought about it and now it's time to close that chapter and to look to the future.

Perhaps if you stopped talking about it Felipe we could all move on. :crazy:
Well if they can't perform any fireworks on the track (like a lot of teams this year), at least it'll be interesting in the garage!! :D
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