Poll Who will replace Massa at Williams next year?

Who will replace Massa at Williams next year?

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I think he'll still be in the seat but I'd like to see an F2 driver get it.
Williams are too conservative for a big gamble these days.
But they might be feeling sorry for Jolyon ( what kind of name is that), give him the home cooked meal and a seat.
I don't get the lack of love for Jolyon, I really don't. You don't win GP2 by being crap (unless you're Maldonado), and last year's Renault was a shed, while his version of this year's car falls to bits as soon as look at it- I reckon they're putting it together with instructions translated from French to English via a Mandarin tourists' phrasebook.
(Remember- a certain "lovely boy" struggled at Enstone for a couple of years too, before it started to come good...)
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