Who will replace Felipe at Ferrari?

Who will Replace Massa

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With the increasingly good news about Felipe's condition, we can now start discussing any potential replacements.

A couple of comments have already been posted on other threads so I've repeated them here.

The official test and reserve drivers are Marc Gene and Luca Badoer.

There have been suggestions from (very) hopeful Alsonso fans that due to Renault's ban he could become a guest driver for them for at least 1 race and possibly more if he can get out of his contract early.
Somehow I can't see Briatiore allowing Alonso to do this, no matter how much he dotes on him.

Michael Schumacher has apparently also stated that he would be interested.
Would he really be fit enough to drive in F1 now?
I remember an interview from him not so long ago and he claimed he had put weight on and was nowhere near as fit as when he was driving.
I suppose he has a month to get into some sort of shape but it still seems a little far fetched to me.

Also, Brian posted the relevant FIA reg's in another thread:
"The relevant reg. is in Appendix L of the INternational Sporting Code, available on the FIA website.
It's the bit about superlicences. The superlicence requirements are usually all about current racing activity, but the F1 Commision can issue one in special circumstances. There is also a req. for 300km of testing in a current car over at least 2 days. However, Alguersuari seems to have got a superlicence without meeting that."

With no testing allowed apart from limited straight line tests, it's not obvious how super licences can be awarded without the F1 Commision allowing for "special circumstances" in every case.

Still, it would be great to see Schumacher, Hamilton and Alonso racing against each other in similarly performing cars.

So far there has been no comment from Ferrari.
I expect they're waiting to see whether Felipe is fit enough to drive in Valencia but all the signs are that he will be out for at least 1 race, possibly the rest of the season and maybe even for good.
A number of drivers have already been named as potential cover for massa?

Who is most likely and who do you think it will be? I will update according to rumors in the press :)
We posted at the same time AMR :D so I've merged the threads.

I wonder if we should add Nelsinho Piquet to the poll? LOL ;)
So with the possible omission of Felipe from next season and Kimi's rumoured exit I think Alonso will be there next season. Kubica has also been linked with a move to Ferrari but I am not sure if the Italians are still interested in his services. I'm sure he would jump at this chance given the blunder BMW made by abandoning last season to concentrate on this one, which as we all know has turned out to be a very poor one. As for the next race, surely Gene or Badoer are the only (legal) candidates to take Massa's place but we never know what is going to happen in this season...
for my simple understanding

did gene or badour test at all this year? with the ban and all. i thought only kimi and felipe had done tests. if thats the case, then i would go for schumie at once. cos then he ahs the most experience and knows how to set up a car like no one else.
I doubt we'll see Schumacher in the car - there is no reason for him to put his reputation on the line now he's 40.

My money would be on something coming out of the ether, or Marc Gene. The Ferrari test drivers (or Minardi Class of '99) would be the expected shortlist, but we could see a Saloesque situation involving perhaps Bourdais or some complete wildcard like Wurz or Klien?

I would not be entirely surprised if Fernando managed to break free from his Renault contract, his lawyers are already working on an excuse!
For once I am completely stumped, you'd expect it to be Marc or Luca but apparently one is too old and one is too unfit begs they question why they are still the official test drivers.

I'd like to see Schumacher but it's "probably" not going to happen - although in this topsy turvy world we live in you never know

The only point I can see in Bourdais' favour is that he familiar with the Ferrari power plant but that's about it - still, an outside bet says he might get the nod.

There is also the possibility of Ferrari throwing a complete curve ball and selecting one of their drivers from the development program, Mirko Bortolotti, Edoardo Piscopo and Salvatore Cicatelli all tested the 2008 car last year :?:

Who knows!
If Massa takes sound advice on his injuries, unlike Sir Stirling Moss as detailed in this article in The Independent, it will be unlikely that he'll race again this year. Whilst Massa may feel fit, and be told that he's fit, it may be wiser to take his time?

If Massa doesn't race again this season, will Luca Badoer race more than one race? More likely that Schumacher will race, if fit, at Spa...
I don't think MS will be fit at Spa judging by the nature of his injury (the BBC did a piece on it during qualifying).

I think Luca has had his chance and been shown to be severely lacking.

If I was Ferrari I'd give Marc Gené a chance or failing that, Sébastien Bourdais.
Let's face it, neither of them could do much worse but I expect Luca will improve throughout the race tomorrow.
OK, I missed Schumacher's interview! But why not Piquet Jnr? He's not up to much at the moment... experienced, capable of driving at a descent pace and would probably benefit from a more friendly atmosphere at a new team. :)
I have picked the other - I think it will now be the Stig since Ferrari have heard that he is well AND Michael Schumacher
But should a tragedy get a sequel?

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