Pre-Season Here we go again!

Refuelling Good or Bad?

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I too, cannot believe it but I don't look forward to the F1 season at all. It has become so car-dependent of late that, to me, the WDC has become meaningless. So I find the WEC, IMSA, WRC etc far more satisfying than F1 and doubt that I, initially at least,will watch more than the F1 highlights. If it looks as though there will be a real battle among the teams with the drivers' abilities being the deciding factor, as in days gone bye, then I will again watch the actual races. Otherwise, the "highlights" will suffice.

I find it rather depressing that F1 has sunk to this level.
Resorting to refuelling because basically Pirelli have shoved the idea of making the original proposals to make racing more exciting out of the window

Where is Jean Todt when you need him to speak up as president ?
I know it's a slow time in the off-season, so I sincerely hope that this is just one of those space-filler headlines to keep "interest" in F1 ticking over until car launches- I cannot conceive of a more monumentally idiotic proposal so soon after it was banned on safety grounds. How much lucre are Pirelli pumping up Bernie's tradesman's entrance to maintain their dismal stranglehold on the sport? It seems to me that we haven't had a really good season since they took over from Bridgestone.
(In other news, after 16 years I cancelled my subscription to F1 Racing magazine at the weekend- I hadn't even opened the last couple) Does anyone want a loft-full of back issues?
I like the idea of refueling but they could make it safer if no other work on the car is allowed while the car is being refueled. One guy, one hose, that's it.
Why not loosen up the restrictions on the regulations rather than further restricting them?

Hand out more money to the teams fairly rather than pocket it yourselves and do nothing with it?

How about promoting and making the sport accessible to fans rather than making it exclusively for the rich?

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