Who will beat whom - Cars 14 & 15

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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Not my cup of cake
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We have to skip 11 & 12 as Renault haven't yet made their minds up on a second driver so it's on to Force India - Adrian "Blow Wave" Sutil vs Vitantoni "call me Toni" Liuzzi.

Alternatively there is the vanilla ice cream option for those that can't make up their minds.
Brogan said:
cider_and_toast said:
I think I'm going to sticky my pennies on Sutil.
I read "pennies" as an entirely different and wholly inappropriate word at first :o

rofl I did the same thing!

Anyway, I think Adrian will come out on top here, he's settled in the team and looks like he's ready to make the next step in his career.
I don't think Liuzzi is going to suddenly surprise us so I will have to stick my penus in Sutil.

...sorry did I write that out loud? :embarrassed:
I think this is pretty staight forward--Sutil. Liuzzi never outperformed Scott Speed to any meaningful degree and I see no reason to think he is any better now.
Hmm - Taken a long shot and gone for Liuzzi. He impressed on his return last year, and I think comparing him to Scott Speed is a little harsh, as that was a few years ago in a car relatively poorer than the recent STRs.

I think it was Brundle that said, "The common denominator in all of Sutil's accidents is Sutil". He just doesn't seem to have developed at all since debuting in F1, and a couple of good showings in mixed conditions, plus the straightline speed aided Monza race of last year is a poor return compared to the rest of his efforts. Maybe I'm being harsh, but I think Sutil is more H-HF than MS.

Apart from the first GP he was in - Monza, where he had a hydraulics failure - , Liuzzi didn't impress me much.

I think Sutil has talent, he just needs to calm down sometimes and stop putting his car in silly places.
Well, I've decided to plow my own furrow and have taken the vanilla ice cream option. As FI only managed to score their first points ever last season I'm not convinced that they will be mixing it with the big boys this time out and will be staggered if either driver ends the season with much more than Jemini managed at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest.
I simply can't decide...

I had a quick look at the C_t_A Database last night and took the info gleaned from it to bed. I slept on it and decided that I'm gonna sit on the fence. Also, I like ice cream, even vanilla flavoured. :)
Sutil for me.

He has almost put in some very good performances, if it wasn't for a certain driver who won't be around this season.

Liuzzi on the other hand has been consistently poor.
Liuzzi has not impressed at Toro Rosso and he has not impressed at Force India. I reckon without having to look over his shoulder for his nemesis all the time (can't see how Kimi will thwart him now!), and with at least one wet race per season generally likely, I can't take the vanilla option and go with a strawberry Sutil; Liuzzi's too mint-choc-chip for me!
teabagyokel said:
Might be when we've got some rules...

I'm working on it...

Along with ripping the house apart and rebuilding it.
And the F1 database.
And the head to head tables.
And the site redesign.

If cloning ever gets perfected I'm getting another 3 of me :D
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