Who do you think is the rookie of the year?

Who do you think is the rookie of the year?

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  • Nelsinho Piquet

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This is a poll on who you think is the rookie of the year. Original it is not, as there are load of F1 websites that have done this, but hey...

Those other websites have only asked people to commit to voting on who they think is the rookie of the year so far. But I am asking you to commit on who you think is the rookie of the year. No caveats. Just an honest appraisal. Don't worry though. I've left open the ability to change your vote, so face saving powers have been enabled...

It would be interesting if people leave a post on what they think/why they voted for a particular driver... see if their opinion changes over what's left of the second half of the season.

(Also we can have a good laugh at someone! )



(wish I thought of this at the start of the season...)
I went for pick ey!!!

Purely cause he's improving at a vast rate of knots in the last few races... i might be wrong, so laff if you want!! :p
Glock for me - has been around a bit and found his bearings. Nelson has a way to go. Bourdais will be out of FI next year (despite promising beginnings) and Nakajima, although fast (ish) isn't yet consistent enough.

But I usually get most things wrong!
It's Glock for me.

Don't think any of this years Rookies have set the world on fire but Glock is the pick of the bunch. I did think about Nakajima for a while but although he was getting much closer to Rosberg he has now started to fall back. Glock has had the best finish of the four and hopefully will improve further from here.
I've plumped for Piquet.

It's a very close thing between picky & O'Glock, but for driver talent I'm going for Piquet. Car ability apart, I've been impressed by Piquet's showing since Germany and I predict that by the end of season he will be the one to shine.
I agree with McZ.

Same thing happened before at renault with Kovi, shambolic first half of the season, confident finish (not sure if that has to do with the way renault work or what) so i'm expecting a strong finish on the learning curve from Piquet and i expect him to be very close to Alonso come the end which is kudos to him (if he's not proved it already in last few races).

GLock i will put second, steady eddie! no thrills but getting the job done.

Naker craker comes third, almost impressive in a now spectacuarly under performing car. Being honest he would give nelsinho and timo a good run in equal equipment. Often close to Rosberg who in the trade is highly rated. One draw back is consistency.

Bordais... what can i say, he shoulda gone to specsavers!!


one question was Glocks second place in Hungry really higher than Piquet's in Germany? Ok one was a good drive and the other a good piece of strategy.. but 2nd is 2nd in the record books :p
I would say Piquet and Glock are just about equal so far.
They've both had a 2nd place finish and although NP has had 6 retirements compared to TG's 3, he has finished in the points 3 times which is 1more than Glock.

I expect Piquet to improve for the remainder of the season and will just edge Glock.

I, for some reason, thought that Pickey had finished third in Germany not second. :embarrassed:

DOH !!!!!

Oh well, Can't win 'em all.

I'm going for Glock. I'm always more impressed by those drivers who really have to work hard to get results, rather than those who lean heavily on a natural talent. Timo strikes me as an intelligent guy and has made the most of his second F1 chance, something very few drivers ever get.

Strictly speaking though, Glock and Nakajima aren't really rookies, are they?
Does Timo Glock count has a rookie, I mean he did drive for jordan in 04. but anywayz ive gone for him since the first race of the season he has looked like an F1 driver all the time, very few mistakes if not always no the pace of trulli and his podium in Hungary was first class, 3rd may of been lucky but the was not far off the pace of the McLarens and Ferrari's and that is no mean feat.

Im amazed at the support of Piquet, until the last two races he has been nowhere during the season, He has really picked up his game. Nakajima deserves a mention too, he might not be setting the world alight but often he has sneaked into the points without anyone noticing, I would put him 2nd just ahead of piquet
Regarding the "non-rookie" status of Glock and Nakajima - in the interest of making an article, I have
ignored certain facts...

A poll with just two rookies would be rubbish, would it not?! Besides, Glock was a stand-in driver for Jordan yonks ago and Nakajima only raced for Williams in one race last season. As well as driving into two mechanics on entering his first pitstop!

By the way, some-one has voted for Bordais but has remained anonymous. Come on now, don't be shy. You can tell us... :popcorn:
Got to be Timo, looked a lot more consistent than Piquet... (one's German one's Brazillian so go figure)

I also reckon Timo did not luck into his second place as much as Piquet (Timo was 4th if LH and FM didn't retire) whilst Piquet was about 17th till Timo brought out the SC.

Plus I reckon Timo has been brave to cope with 2 major shunts in Aussie and Germany, as well as the fact I think Timo has been more likely to come in 10th than 10 laps short.

Timo :1st: for me!
So, here we are, fast approaching the climax of an exciting season of raw natural talent, dodgy car control, controversy and tears. Home grown Brazilian racer, against his European rival... Of course, what everyone has been waiting for is the result of the inaugural "CTA - Rookie of the Year" competition! :1st:

It couldn't be much closer! Just two places and three points separate the leader Timo Glock, on 22pts in 10th, from fellow pretender Nelson Piquet Jnr, on 19pts in 12th place. It's all to play for in the final race at interlagos and these two will surely be the race to watch. Sadly, it appears Nakajima and Bourdais are both out of the reckoning, so it's just a two horse race this weekend...

With so much at stake, with the outcome of this competition deciding bragging rights for the close season, I for one will be glued to my TV screen cheering on the Brazilian - c'mon Nelsinho!!!

Err, is there some other competition being decided on Sunday too..? :snacks:
I haven't voted for any of them. None of those four have stood out for me or look remotely possible future champions.

I'll vote Bourdais for "most disappointing" and Glock for "least disappointing" but only "least" in that I thought he'd be rubbish and he's actually been average.
Croydon Bob said:
I haven't voted for any of them. None of those four have stood out for me or look remotely possible future champions.

I'll vote Bourdais for "most disappointing" and Glock for "least disappointing" but only "least" in that I thought he'd be rubbish and he's actually been average.

I'm with Bob on this one.
Penske666 said:
Surely Glock doesn't count! he use to drive for thawt yellow team run by that Irish bloke Eddie Jordan - what wass the team called again :p


I remember an interview with Eddie Jordan when he said "ahhh and it's grand to have an Irish driver in the car" when asked who he meant he said "Tim O'Glock"

I think Bourdais has been given a rough deal, and when slicks make their welcome return, we should see more from him.

Overall I went for Glock though, as on a few occasions he turned in very good performances. I'd advise him not to holiday in Brazil or Italy for a few years though.
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