Who Am I - X


Wake me when we’re there
So, having suffered a severe mental blockage let's try...

I started my career racing Midget Cars
Mark Webber? Probably not right but as one of the tallest drivers on the grid the idea of him trying to squeeze into a Midget Car suits my sense of the absurd :snigger:
Nope, not our Nige,

Clue 2: His first drive for an F1 team was when he got to drive the Cooper car transporter
Oooh Ok so we are talking pre-1968 now.

Hmmm I don't know too many drivers for cooper so I will have a stab at Bruce Mclaren
Flippin 'eck. Didn't expect to win that.

I could only think of 4 drivers who I think drove for cooper and that was Brabham, Mclaren, Phill Hill and Innes Ireland and I the only one I thought it could be was Mclaren.


I will have to come up with Who am I XI now. LOL
Must admit I aughed when I found his first drive was driving the car transporter to the circuit ROFL
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