Who am I - IV

Interesting guess TBY, did Jim Clark have a middle name? Anywho, 'taint him.
FB, I haven't got a clue. I'm guessing that the middle name is not Raikkonen or Schumacher, leaving Hamilton and Alonso as the most likely options!
Clue 2: I am member of a fairly exclusive F1 club as I drove a car which bore my name.
No one right so far so clue 3 - I made my debut in F1 in 1977 as a "rent-a-driver" for Hesketh.
The only two teams I can think of named after drivers post 77 were Prost and Rebaque. Prost never drove his own car but I know Hector Rebaque built a psuedo Lotus 79 which he drove and failed to qualify in either later 78 or late 79 (I can't remember which?) So my next guess is that:

Hector Rebaque?

Well done C_A_T, it is indeed Hector Alonso Rebaque. He ran Lotus cars in his own team but eventually had Penske build a car for him (partly designed by John Barnard according to one article I read) which, strangely, looked a lot like the Lotus 79! It ran for 3 whole races.

Ha ha, Cheers FB.

I didn't get it from the Hesketh link but when you gave the date I tried to work out who ran cars under their own name, who had started racing after that date.

Of course there was also a link to the greatest team that there ever was :whistle:

Incidently, I believe Hector was the last private racer in F1.

Right, Time to go away and come back with Who am I - V.
Nice one c_a_t.

I'm going to claim a "virtual" win for that one as I knew it from the 1st clue :D

That's what comes of researching 59 years of F1 data
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