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Interesting article in Autoevolution that Ron Dennis may be considering taking back overall charge of the McLaren racing team. 2009 was pretty dreadful season by McLaren's high standards and, according to this piece, the increasingly "chummy" relationship between Brawn and Mercedes hasn't gone down to well with RD, especially given that McLaren have the right of veto over which teams get Merc engines and how long the contract is for.

Ron, apparently, isn't too impressed that Martin Whitmarsh agreed to a two year engine deal with Brawn. A little harsh perhaps, who could have predicted that Brawn would have made a car so much better than anything else on the grid in 2009?

If the relationship between McLaren and Mercedes is a little strained, it wouldn't be anything to do with this, would it?

http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArtic ... rs/242951/

Ron's parked his tanks on Mercedes' lawn with that car - he hasn't even had the decency to use one of their engines. All of this would probably be salvagable if it weren't for Brawn's completely unexpected performance this season. Now Mercedes suddenly have a ready-made replacement technical partner.

As for the article, I don't really see anything in it. Whitmarsh has been groomed for this job for a long time, I can't see him being sacked after one year for one poor decision (which only turns out to be a poor decision with the benefit of hindsight).
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