Which 6 F1 drivers would you choose for a dinner party?


I've met him at a Porsche corporate day. He was a dickhead.
I am familiar only from his several race commentaries, and I was intrigued by his technical knowledge. Beyond that I do not know the man. He sounded more knowledgeable and down to earth over anyone who is currently in the front of lenses, at least IMO. Lastly, invitation to a dinner didn't stipulate we must have good time. (Otherwise I would have some other ideas.)
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Senna and Prost
Rosberg and Hamilton
Lauda and Hunt

If I could have one more I would invite Irvine because I think he’d help me instigate the mayhem.


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Well, I am only inviting the living. Will be boring dinner party with some of these other choices. Going to wheel the casket up to the dinner table?

Lets see:
Hamilton - because you know, he kind of matters.
Vettel - because you know, he used to matter
Alonso - he actually might be pretty entertaining now that he has nothing at stake
Daniel Riccardo - I got a cowboy boot he can drink from
Danill Kvyat - we are drinking...we need a Russian !
Romain Grosjean - but we might have some wine also.

if I invited current drivers I would invite based on having a good time:
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