Which 6 F1 drivers would you choose for a dinner party?


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If you could pick any 6 F1 drivers for a dinner party, who would you choose?

They can be past or present, dead or alive.
You can choose them for their driving skills, their linguistic ability or even for their looks.... :o ;)
KImi - falling over value

Coulthard - old roue

Webber - lots of opinions (not the first description I came up with)

Fernando - a few drinks and he might spill the beans on what REALLY happened.

Jenson - young roue

James Hunt - the best roue in the business

As a reserve - Jarno Trulli, getting there

Not exactly based on driving ability - although it includes a couple of champons - but they are all "characters". A very entertaining meal, I think! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :yesss:
Great thread Bro

Had to think about this one.

This is my top 6.

1) Jim Clark - Just so I can meet the legend
2) Graham Hill - I'm sure he would have plenty of stories to tell
3) James Hunt - Especially for the after dinner drinks
4) Alan Jones - Comedy Value
5) Aryton Senna - Again so I could meet the legend
6) Andrea De Cheseris - Mainly because I kinda felt sorry for him. Most races without a win and all that.

Can't think of any of the modern drivers who I would want. I guess they are all far to corperate today. You could imagine them all bringing along a press spokesman to sit behind them and advise them on how to answer questions. lol
hmmmm... this is a tough one but here it is in no percific order

1). Artyon senna, I have always been charismatic he was, and i would love to see it for myself
2.) Michael Schumacher, He's quite closed off to the press and never gives much away so i would a chance to see the real him
3.) Jackie Stewart, When he gives interviews he always an interesting and knowledgeable chap, also would love to talk to someone who experienced the earlier days of F1
4.) Mark Webber, Interesting bloke and he would always be straight with you, No BS!
5.) James Hunt, Would like to meet the older James hunt, in the latter years of his life Like Mark Webber interesting, and don't speak BS
6.) Kimi Raikonen, after all the insightful chat someone to share a bottle or two of vodka with at the end of the party ;)
1.jim clark , just to meet the legend . .2.graham hill, seen the documentary want to meet a real gentleman .3. micheal schumacher he is my hero , ruthless to the max but you have to be if you want win the f1 title .4. eddie irvine cos he told senna him to sod off and gave him a slap .5.jarno trulli cos he can bring the wine .6.john surtees what a legend thats how it should be done on two wheels as well as four .
Whilst the meal is prepared ...

... let me introduce the guests of honour.

1. Sir Stirling Moss - The best driver never to have won a WDC.
2. John Surtees - The only man to win the WDC on two, as well as four, wheels.
3. Jim Clark - Legend. Would love to have seen him race...
4. Jackie Stewart - The man who did more than anyone to make racing safer. Oh, and he won three WDC's aswell!
5. James Hunt - The way a racer should be - he knew how to party aswell as race!
6. Ayrton Senna - The only non-british guest - legend II

And to oversee this meal of champions, your M.C. Murray Walker.
I would choose (in no particular order)

Kimi - but i wouldn't try to drink him under the table :snigger:

Montoya - but i wouldn't get too close with my camera LOL

Zanardi - no particular reason, just seems like a nice guy

Alonso - to find out what really went on at Maclaren ;)

Coulthard - I like a witty Scot :snigger:

Schumacher (M) - to beg him to come back and tell him that all is forgiven :o
Mario Andretti
James Hunt
Gerhard Berger
Alan Jones
Nelson Piquet
Niki Lauda

all for their irreverent personalities and amusing anecdotes. Oh the stories we would hear...!
Your list got me thinking Gordo.

Besides Berger who was later on the scene, when did those 5 drivers last race together. I figured it must have been 1979 (Monaco) and indeed it was.

Interestingly enough they all had an early bath that day. Jones, Piquet, Andretti, Lauda and Hunt all retired. All five past or furture world champions retiring from one race !!

It's been so long since we have had any more than two world champions racing against each other it's hard to remember the time BS (before Schumacher) lol
Kimi- who wouldn't?!?
D C- The dude i first Supported
Alonso- WHat happened with Hamilton?!!?
Hamilton- So i could kick him out of my house :D
Frenzen- A Classic in his old yellow Jordan
errr, hmmmm..... mmm. oh, how could i forget. Jenson Button!!!
Old thread in need of reviving. Here goes.

Jim Clark.
Would love to of met him. Farmer turned racer. I'm sure he has some stories.

Lando Norris
Interesting to have a young drivers perspective on life and racing.

Mark Webber. He is just a nice bloke. Always got a sensible opinion.

Ayrton Senna. When the whole table stops talking and just listens.

Lewis Hamilton. Few double gin and tonics and maybe the defence Shields would drop and we would find out a bit more about the man who is super careful with what he says.

Martin Brundle. He knows stuff. Good for gossip.

Who would you have?
Oh good thread, well done for reviving it Greenlantern101

1. Jacques Villeneuve - obviously
2. Sebastian Vettel - because he's my current favourite
3. Michael Schumacher - before his terrible accident
4. Charles Leclerc - he's my current second favourite
5. Adrian Sutil - if the evening gets dull he can play the paino and cheer us all up
6. Nico Rosberg - he always seems like a nice guy and he's easy on the eye if the others turn out to be boring
In no particular order
Favorite drivers
Michael Schumacher
Sebastian Vettel
Alain Prost
Alex Zanardi
Technical and sporting side discussion
Jonathan Palmer Sr.
Murray Walker (I think I would promote him as an F1 driver)
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Niki Lauda - my fave F1 personality ever
Graham Hill - entertainment personified
James Hunt - ditto
Max Verstappen - a legend in the making with an agile mind
Vettel - erudite and I like him
Alonso - erudite and I don't like him but think he'd be good value

Sorry Kimi, pop round for a cuppa another time perhaps.
Well, I am only inviting the living. Will be boring dinner party with some of these other choices. Going to wheel the casket up to the dinner table?

Lets see:
Hamilton - because you know, he kind of matters.
Vettel - because you know, he used to matter
Alonso - he actually might be pretty entertaining now that he has nothing at stake
Daniel Riccardo - I got a cowboy boot he can drink from
Danill Kvyat - we are drinking...we need a Russian !
Romain Grosjean - but we might have some wine also.
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1. Emerson Fitipaldi. I think he’d be very entertaining.
2. Alonso. With Fitipaldi around sparks might fly.
3. Gerhard Berger. I imagine he has quite a dry wit.
4. Giancarlo Fisichella. Purely and simply as eye candy.
5. Danny Ricciardo. If he smiled all the time everyone would think they were having a good time.
6. Juan Manuel Fangio. Well why not.
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