What's the best thing about Melbourne?


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There are lots of things I like about the home of the Australian GP.
  • The paddock, with real grass and real trees!
  • The head-on camera view of cars running wide and cutting the grass at Turn One
  • Drivers wrestling to control twitching cars through the fast chicane
  • Finding out who the surprise package of the season is going to be
  • The introductory sequence with the helicopter camera approaching low over the Tasman Sea
  • Hearing what the new drivers sound like
  • The ever-present possibility of Alan Jones swearing on live TV
But I'm sure there are many more. What's your highlight?
For me it's finally knowing after weeks and months of speculation exactly what the pecking order is.

And then being thoroughly disappointed to find Red Bull once again have half a second on the next best car.
The fast chicane at the end of the long left-hander by the lake, and the trees over the right-hander at turn 6, plus the low sunlight down the pit straight at the end of the race (viewing back up the straight, not looking into it!) is quite beautiful. Somehow Melbourne looks a bit dismal if it's overcast...
Historically - Pulling an all-nighter with friends to watch it live.
Now - Finally seeing if there's a shred of truth to all the winter speculations.
Like G, the camera panning over the Tasman sea and the piece of track where they're next to the palm trees and there is white lines on the track. Also, the contrast between the confinement of turn 6 by the trees and the openness of turns 11/12.
The opener to a season which might or might not offer up incredible racing! That's all really; oh, and plus the fact that Melbourne is part of the 'old' school.
I forgot about the gravel traps. I like those too.

For the longest time I thought they were flowers, until someone pointed out to me they're not...
I love:

watching the cars being driven in anger for the first time this season, and trying to work out the pecking order. The area the park is in leads to some great shots, especially as Port Phillip Bay (not Tasman sea, sorry for the pedantry!!) is so close.
Seeing if any of the drivers can beat my time!
The palm trees, the non conforming nature of the track, not an artificial, designed or contrived circuit, but almost an organic entity.

Wondering whether to apply for the job!!
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