What Will Happen?


This time next year, will we be gearing up for another Grand Prix starring the likes of Ferrari and McLaren, Jenson, Fernando and Lewis?? Or will we be witnessing a sport in complete dissaray and embarrassment as those teams go to some god for saken country trying to make a championship that we have to watch on Sky Sports... which I don't even have.

I am seriously worried at what might happen and if a breakaway does occur, it will break my heart.
Impossible to say at this point in time.
We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

As for "those teams go to some god for saken country trying to make a championship", it's Bernie who has been ditching all the traditional circuits in favour of ones in countries which don't really care about F1, all for the sake of £.

Any new series would be able to choose from circuits such as Silverstone, Montreal, Magny Cours, even Monaco so it possibly wouldn't be as bad as you might think ;)
i am pretty sure it will be business as usual next year. both sides really need eachother. they just need to see that a bit more clearer.
The following may or may not happen, but imo are all likely:

  • Max's lawyers will conclude Ferrari/Red Bull/Toro Rosso are breaking the law pulling out
  • di Montezemelo's lawyers will conclude Ferredrosso are not breaking the law
  • Bernie will run around like a nutter for a while
  • More "crisis meetings" at Flav's villa/Flav's house/Loftus Road...
  • Ferrari will demand their technical veto, €30m more on budget cap
  • Whitmarsh, Theissen and Horner will sound reasonable on TV
  • Vijay Mallaya will try to keep a foot in both camps
  • The BRDC will try to get a FOTA contract
  • FOTA will have to change name because Bernie "owns" the term F1
  • Epsilon Ekusadi, Lotus, Prodrive, Superfund... allowed onto F1 entry list
  • The FOTAWC will sell out to the highest bidder for TV rights

Eventually, somehow they'll all be onboard with the whole thing.

I notice on the BBC, Bernie's found a man to solve this mess:


The Don will sort it! Or he'll send Wayne Rooney to kneecap FIA & FOTA bosses!
By all accounts FOTA got everything they wanted:

2009 regulations to apply in 2010
No budget cap
Cost reduction programme over a number of years
A change of governing style

We'll have to wait for the details but no, it wasn't just about getting rid of Mosley.
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