What will be with 2020 season?

How many Grad Prix will be in the 2020 Formula 1 season?

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The most virus dangerous procedure in the upcoming Grand Prix is the awarding and ceremony with champagne...


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only occurred to me today. how weird it would be if we did have 2 British GPs. think about it. 12 months we were sure we wouldnt have a British gp in 2020 & now might have 2

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F1 is not run for people to go to watch as has been made quite clear. It matters not a jot to the owners whether anyone turns up to see it or not as long as the cameras do. It may be important to the circuit owners but even then I wonder at times.


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what do we think will happen on the 1st lap & 1 race. will we see mistakes we wouldnt see because of rust & could Leclerc Albon Russell maybe Norris have a advantage over their teammates because they really haven't stopped racing & would be sharper than a Vettel Or Mercedes Duo


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When is Silverstone not in a stand off with Formula 1, that’s the default position.
At the same time, this confrontation did not prevent the 53 Grand Prix were done here.
I hope that 54 and 55 will be in this year.
That would be great.


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Government gives green light to closed doors Belgian GP in 2020
On Wednesday Belgium’s central National Security Council confirmed that sporting and recreational venues can re-open from Monday (May 18), under certain conditions.
They also confirmed that a behind closed doors Belgian Grand Prix has been approved.
Formula 1’s Belgian Grand Prix was originally scheduled to be held on August 30.
Race organisers will still need to reach revised terms with Formula 1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media over a 2020 event, due to the changed conditions.
All sporting events in Belgium remain suspended until at least the end of June.


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Have they considered another test day before the first race, these cars haven't turned a wheel for over 3 months wonder with all the development since the last test day they end up slower.


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The British GP impact on "literally tens of thousands of jobs linked to F1 and supply chains." is BS and just posturing by Liberty & F1.
UK government should tell them to **** off. Increase risk of killing thousands? Yeah, let's have a GP...idiots.
No exemptions.


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The Premier League attempted to get training back on, with testing for all those involved. It has fallen on its face and, hopefully, will have made everyone realise there is more to life than trivial sporting events.
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