What will be with 2020 season?

How many Grad Prix will be in the 2020 Formula 1 season?

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but anyway 1 of the things I hadn't thought of when the new calendar was made is the effect its going to have on the Spanish GP. because as ted said that going to make it almost a completely different race because instead of racing in early 20's there going to be in 30's. that could push people to a 2 stopper with the extra tyre wear


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That would help but I'd say to really make the Spanish GP less boring the best thing to do would be call it something else and move it to any other location in the world.
as long as it doesn't move to france. thats the only way Spanish GP could get any worse

interesting from olegg no super softs in any of the races. but why on earth have they had 2 different sets compounds in Britain to change it but not Austria why not for stryian go a step softer

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If they are going to have a 2 race event at Bahrain, hopefully nobody suggests that for one of the races, they use the track configuration that was used for the race there in 2010.


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that was dreadful. they are talking about using the outer circuit which at 3.664km would be only 300m longer than monte carlo. but will obviously be much quicker. there would be many records not used for many years if it was used which I can see.
  • it would be the 6th shortest circuit used in F1 history, only Zeltweg, Long Beach, Monaco, Jarama & Caesars Palace would've been longer
  • excluding Monaco, it would be the 1st time since 1983 they've raced at circuit of this length
  • It would be the longest race by lap duration at 83, since Adelaide 1995
  • if Pole lap could average 140mph, they would break the niki lauda record as the shortest F1 qualifying lap in history


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I would guess that at least a couple of circuits will host several races.


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I'd actually welcome that outer loop track in Bahrain. When you consider some cars are often claimed to have excellent straight line speed, especially those in the midfield, but aren't necessarily good through corners, this could actually level the playing field a bit.

With so much of the lap at full power there's always a good chance the engine goes bang which adds another unpredictable element.

It could also be boring as hell but given its as far from a Tilkedrome layout as its possible to be, it's worth a go.


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I would counter that Nicola Larini crying tears of joy for his first and only podium at Imola in 1994 would probably win the most inappropriately happy award.
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