What will be with 2020 season?

How many Grand Prix will be in the 2020 Formula 1 season?

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Race Winner
Personally, I'd love to see an 8 race championship.
All Engines and PU's set to full.
Win it or bin it Quali.
It would make for the most exciting and unpredictable season ever.
And I think that this season will be more complex than "usual" without any virus limits


Champion Elect
And Keke Rosberg became the champion after winning just one race for the season with 15 races.
And Fangio became the champion when was 8 and 9 races for the season.
I.e. in your opinion they are less correct champions than Nico Rosberg?

not this point again, when at anyone have I said that 1950's down count anyless I only care about recent history from 2004 onwards. go back on previous posts as made many points, that was fine because the seasons were on similar length in them era's so makes it of equal value. you cant go 18, 20, 21 , 9, 19, 20. 21 say that 1 off season is worth the same.

i feel there would always be a asterisk on that title. just like if there was 2 or 3 test ashes series, 10 day tour de France, 15 game football season or Wimbledon men playing best of 3. it will always be there & whenever it is said. there will always be a but ......

that is the reality there will be always be asterisk because it will always be the year that he didn't win a full championship. now if they carried on with just 10 rounds from now then that would make it more, but then it would always be mentioned it was much harder back when it was 21 races. but there is more chance of kimi Raikkonen running the London marathon than liberty media having 10 races a season


Champion Elect
Main moment why "shortly" season is not easy than "standard": "cost" of errors will be stronger

true but also anyone can have a purple patch. just look at the difference in 2018

8 races

Screenshot_20200426-182144_Samsung Internet.jpg

end of season
Screenshot_20200426-182046_Samsung Internet.jpg


Champion Elect
I know the money gods are desperate to get things restarted but sport without fans is dull, tedious and pointless.

is f1 in a good way in that. F1 rarely has an atmosphere during the racing akin to other sports. where crowd is as big a factor on the show. like stadium & arena sports. its really only the podium when that would effect things


Race Winner
Portugal ready to the race in the first week in the June
The track was built in 2008 and held an F1 winter test one year later. It has since gone on to host a range of GT, motorbike and touring car races and events, and has recently undergone development work.
Its managing director Paulo Pinheiro has told The Race that the facility is set to re-open in May and could host major international events behind closed doors “immediately”.


Champion Elect

2 races in Austria, Britain & Hungary, China moved to October, Vietnam November & Bahrain Abu Dhabi in December.

gone are Australia 🇦🇺 Belgium 🇧🇪 Monaco 🇮🇩 France 🇫🇷 Spain 🇪🇸 Italy 🇮🇹 Canada 🇨🇦

poteinal new calendar (according to bild)
5 July : Austrian GP
12 July: Austrian GP
July 26th : British GP
August 2nd: British GP
August 16th Hungarian GP
August 18th: Hungarian GP
6 September: Azerbaijan GP
20 September: Singapore GP
September 27th: Russian GP
October 4th: Chinese GP
October 11th: Japanese GP
October 25th: American GP
November 1st: Mexican GP
November 8th: Brazilian GP
22 November: Vietnam GP
December 6: Bahrain GP
13 December: Abu Dhabi GP
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