What got you into following F1?


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When i was about 11, I noticed this programme on ITV that had fast cars on it. At the Time my dad was watching the British Grand Prix in 1998 and i took a look at the names on the screen and Mika Hakkinen's name went through and i said to me dad i like that name and ever since i've been hooked on F1.
It was Emmo's second title fight in '72. The way it was reported on the radio made it seem like the most exciting sporting challenge around, telly in Mid Wales was hit and miss back then with limited signal and black & white so the radio was the only option, and a good way to learn english!
The names were so evocative too; Shadow, March, Fitipaldi, Regazzoni!
Plenty of Brit drivers and teams.
I've never regretted a minute spent following the teams, drivers and sport.
I went to a race at Eastern Creek in Australia (aged about 7), and loved it. Then I sort of forgot about racing until I bought GT4 for the PS2 (what a game by the way!), and that triggered my memory of that day. Stopped playing PS2, started watching the (I think 2008 French) Grand Prix on the TV, and then forgot about it until a young Englishman won the championship later that year.

And haven't missed a Grand Prix since!
I know I watched F1 before, I just was a car fanatic when I was younger, I have been told by family, and cousins that I wouldn't walk around without a toy car, and would leave a toy car at someones house, as I knew I would comeback (yes I know, "what a weirdo LOL)

But the first race I remember is 1999 Australia when I was young'un then, but I knew I watched it before, but my memorys bad, I supported Ferrari, Schumacher and Irvine then, I don't know why, but from the start of the season I supported the red car and team, and Michael Schumacher, even though I can't remember watching F1 before. I watched it a lot missing a few races a season, I started watching every race round about the 2005-2006 season.

The best seasons for me are 98, 99, 06-08. (Yes I know I said 98 when I can only recall 99) but I watched many races now from then.

For some reason though....I can't watch a season from 97 backwards...I don't know why, anyone else know why?
2 people, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher!
Last race of 2008 my Dad told me to put it to ITV 1 and he was a Hamilton fan so I copied! Was gutted when Vettel was in front and was clueless about how he got infront of Glock but I remember that day and it was an awesome race! I always remember thinking that Glock fell down the hill and also remember James Allen say 'Will he run one up the inside, Oooh braking very late' Clueless about how he knew he was braking late but I didn't care! Missed 2009 but the words Schumacher and return made me return and I remember Malaysia 2010 with Schumi sadly retiring! But the next few were a blur but I remember Monaco with Schumi on alonso last corner and Trulli climbing over Chandok, Turkey with the 2 red Bulls coming together, Hammy vs Button, Canada Kubica vs Schumi and Buemi leading! Valencia was probably too boring for me to remember Vettel on a charge in Britain, Fernando is faster than you in Germany, Schumi vs Barrichello vs the wall in hungary, Vettel puncture in Spa and haven't missed a race since Monza!
My uncle.He was a centre lathe turner and met Colin Chapman when the were both in the RAF.They became casual friends (same surname) and later on my uncle went to work for him.
My ucle was a fan naturally and he took me to my first race (1955 British GP at Aintree) and I have follwed F1 ever since those days.
I started watching in the late 60' or early 70's - can't really remember. The problem was coverage of F1 on the TV was so sporadic, and they did actually show other motorsports as well, so I don't remember F1 being the distinct 'pinnacle' of motorsport that it supposedly is now. It's a shame in some ways that other forms of motorsport have taken a back seat to F1 due to lack of TV coverage (without subscription).
I guess the first race I really got hooked was Monaco '82 with the ridiculous last few laps.
I had a demo of f1 1996 i think it was on my playstation. I wanted to game, so to let my mother now that i wanted it i started watching f1 to show my interest.It didn't take long to see that f1 was great to watch and after a race or two i was hooked. I never got the game, but it got me watching f1.
haha my version is hammys and slys mixed together (except not ferrari)

My parents were both casual fans so I watched it with them and the earliest races I can remember are 1998/1999 when I was 7/8 and McLaren were winning at the time and the fact that they wee winning and the fact I liked the names of the team and both drivers and thought thier cars looked the best naturally ended up with my supporting them.

I remember one race where Irvine was ahead of one of them and they couldn't get by so I thought of him and ferrari as the bad guys and McLaren were the good guys
In 1976, I along with some friends attended a competiton car show in New York, and watched a documentary regarding Fangio, and that thrilling drive of his during the German GP at the Nurburgring in 1957. At the time I never knew that circuits like the Nurburgring and Spa even existed, and watching that masterful display by Fangio at the 1957 German GP, did it for me. Although the race occurred almost 20 years earlier, my friends and I were hollering and cheering for Fangio, as if we were watching the damn race live........it was unbelievable......That drive made me a big fan of F1, to this day!
I got into it as a father and son thing to do on a Sunday. I remember watching the end of the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix at 8 and my dad having to explain to me what disqualified meant!

I also have a memory of watchin Mansell going round the outside of Berger in Mexico 1990 but the actual first Grand Prix I sat down to watch from begining to end was the 1990 French Grand Prix where not only did we start off with a front 4 fight between Senna, Berger, Prost and Mansell which I already knew was the norm(but exciting) but then all of a sudden these funny green looking Leyton House cars suddenly hit the front from nowhere and whilst Prost did eventually catch Ivan Cappeli and took the win - and Senna even came back for third - I was hooked and I don't think I've missed a race since.

I actually had every highlights programme from the French 1990 up until the end of the 1996 season(bar the Australian 1990 GP but thats another story) on video tape!

For some reason though....I can't watch a season from 97 backwards...I don't know why, anyone else know why?

I recently treated myself to the box-set of all the F1 seasons in the 70's and am currently working my way through its a bit pricey but believe me Sly its worth it! I suggest you take a punt on that sometime and you might change your mind.
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