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Anyone been to Wembley (or any other particularly impressive venue for sport)?

I was at Wembley this weekend to see Leeds get robbed by Wigan (well, by the ref really...) in the Challenge Cup Final. To be honest, I expected my view to be pretty poor, but even high up the view was excellent, much better than at other stadia (*cough*Elland Road*cough*). I've also visited the Nou Camp on two occasions, I still believe I spotted Messi's brilliance as a 16 year old before most in a 2-2 draw against Juventus in '05, and a second visit in '09 saw Man City (Really!) beat Barca 1-0.

I was going to put some pictures of Wembley up (Including a rather red faced Wigan fan), but I seem to have unfortunately misplaced my camera.
I've been to Wembley twice - once to the old one to see an England friendly against Saudi Arabia, which finished 0-0 lol, and once to the new one last year to see the Community Shield between Man Utd and Chelsea, which was 3-1 to Man Utd. which was much better!

I was impressed by the view from my seats like you as well. I think we got tickets from the second lowest price band, which were probably a bit more than half way up but the view was very good.

If we're talking about other sporting venues of note as well then I've been to Old Trafford, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Lords, Silverstone, Monza and some local ones. I'd like to do more though.
I went to the old wembley twice. once for a michael jackson concert and was the pitch which was great, the other was for british lions rugby match although dont remember much about that. I was at the new wembley recently for the take that tour (wife dragged me there!) and its a beast of a venue. Was very high up, for close detail not brilliant but a great clear view.
I went in 2008 to the JPT trophy final where the mighty MK Dons won 2-0!! I sat in the upper tier, still got a fantastic view from that high up!!! It is fantastic, you feel the emotion walking up Wembley way - and you can see the stadium for miles around.
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