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So far, problems and issues have been dealt with in a very informal, ad-hoc manner, usually taking the form of a private message from a moderator.

From this point on, we will be implementing a structured warning system, which will allow for more uniform and fair treatment for all members.
This will avoid any claims of bias or favouritism and ensure every member is dealt with fairly and equally.

If you do receive a warning then please bear in mind the moderators are just doing their job in ensuring the rules are enforced.
Everyone should have read the rules (especially considering the new notice which has to be explicitly dismissed) so ignorance is no defence.

The rules are here, if anyone wants to refresh their memory ;)

We try hard to make this place as pleasant as possible for all members, so we hope you all appreciate the need for the rules in the first place and the efforts the moderators go to, to ensure they are adhered to.

Moderators are human though and do occasionally make mistakes, so if you feel a warning has been issued in error, then you can speak to the moderator in question in the first instance.
If you are unsatisfied with the response then contact a senior moderator.

The current staff can be seen on this page:
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