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Harumph. Again.
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This Friday I am lucky enough to be paying a visit to the Red Bull factory, as part of their run up to the British GP. I am very excited. There is a tour of the factory, lunch, and a meet and greet with Christian Horner, and Mark Webber.

I am not sure if there will be an opportunity, however, if I am given the opportunity to ask any questions, what would you like to see put to the pair?

My few to start it off:

Christian, did you ever get anywhere with Sandra Bullock or Liz Hurley?
Christian, what the hell were you thinking?
Mark, what do you think the future holds, short term and medium term, post F1.

Thanks all
Mark, would you agree to do an interview for the nice folks at renowned motorsport website clip the apex, and if yes, can my people contact your people to make an appointment?
Well, Mark lives within spitting distance of me, so it shouldn't be too hard to work something out!
I will have my fully charged Camera phone, and any opportunity that I am allowed, I shall take, even if it is only a photo of the car park!
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