Visit to Red Bull

Make sure you get to the front, when I was at McLaren the questions put to Lewis were very easy, and probably he had answered them all before. We could also take pictures, but lots of things were undercover, and there were some intricate parts had been swapped around. In fact the f-duct car was hidden away in case it became legal again.
Ask Christian if he realises he begins every sentence with "Yeah, No...", and whether it bothers him that he's viewed as a bit of a puppet for the Austrians.
Ask Mark why he didn't fight back in Malaysia and stuff the Winfinger up Seb's bottom...

Q. How far along is the 2014 car design and is the team feeling positive about the new turbo engines.
Q. How many people work in the design office.
Q. Is it Redbull in the drivers drink bottles.
Q. Is RedBull committed to F1 long term.
Ooh The Pits you lucky little monkey... I'm quite jealous. Hope you have a fun, interesting and informative day :)

Oh and ask Webber for me if he'd like a date with a cute blonde. If I can't find one then I'm sure I can make myself available.
You lucky bugger The Pits

Ask Mark if he is aware that the feature ITV did before the Aus Grand Prix where he hung out with Shane Warne is officially the most boring piece of TV I've ever seen.
The Pits

The last time Webber answered this question to a journalist he told them it was a:censored: ridiculous question

"Are you number 2 to Vettel?"

" So Christian will you tell Mark to back off again at Silverstone ?"

" Have you bought enough wings this time?"

"What was it you got an OBE for ? Others buggers effort?"
Off topic (sort of) but as part of the open house, there will be some giveaways on Twitter tomorrow.
Just received this via email:

Just wanted to give you a little heads up that we'll be running a number of giveaways on twitter via @redbullracing tomorrow as part of our #OPENHOUSE campaign that may be of interest to you and your fans/followers so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our feed ;)

And yes, there was a wink smiley at the end of the email :D
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