Poll Usain Bolt declares himself "the greatest athlete" to have lived

Is Usain Bolt "the greatest athlete" to have lived?

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Needy Mediia................ Frickin ridiculous

Off topic ....but
At Wimbledon this year, after an Andy Murray win.............where his opponent had received a lot of foot penalties during the match..afterwards he accused the establishment of cheating......the powers that be were asked if they were going to charge him with 'bringing the sport into disrepute' The answer from the unusually, unstuffy Wimbledon bods was...we don't take much notice of what is said immediately after a match, when players are high on adrenaline ....etc.......[not verbatim]


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Is this a comedy thread? I assume so since it is yet another example of misrepresentation perpetrated by the shabbytabloidalbullcrap reporting and editing that purports to be Auntie Beeb's quality news coverage.

I say this as I would be very interested to see and hear the part where Bolt himself actually "declares that he is the greatest ..." or "I am a legend" etc. If you listen to the piece intently you will notice that it is the interviewer doing the eulogising and referring to Bolt as a legend. Even in the transcript of Bolt's responses to questions and comments from the interviewer there are no such quotes reproduced. I am not alone in noticing the absence of the said utterances from Bolt himself. Others who have seen many more of his interviews than I, have also pointed this out in comments on the Beeb website.

I do hope that my first assessment is correct and that the direction of this thread is just for a laff and everyone is fully aware of the Beeb's misleading headline and references. Mind you, I would be more impressed had the comedy question been something like one of these:

"Do you think that Auntie's reporters actually listen to anybody they interview?"
"Do you think Auntie's headline writers listen to the interviewee or just the reporter?"
"Do you think Auntie's reporters, editors, producers, directors ... suffer from some sort of aural dyslexia that makes them incapable of separating the questions from the answers which explains why the people they talk to are consistently misquoted .... but it's alright because Beeby has an equal opportunities policy that ensures they cannot treat their aural dyslexics (nor their material) any differently to anyone else ... and are thus obliged to take the end product as read, disregarding any distress that may arise by the repetition and propogation of the myths that will ensue to the detriment of the reputations and public personas of our beloved sports heroes and heroines ... ?"

Yup, I know that last question is stupidly long and turns into a statement but I did that simply for comedic effect whilst being as acerbic as possible.:D


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canis Here's some words from the man himself from the video below,

"I came here, one aim one goal and that's to be become a legend. And, you're looking at him right now. A living legend. For me, Jesse Owens, Michael Johnson, these are guys I admire and I wanna be like and I've really stepped it up now and I'm inside, I'm one of them so I'm happy."



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Thank you Viscount . Good to hear his comments in full and in context. So, his aim was to join an elite club. Methinks he has done just that. His joviality, happiness and sense of humour is fully justified in my book and from where I sit he doesn't come across as arrogant. A pretty well centred individual whose achievements blow anything I've ever done well into the weeds. Nice one!:D
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