2017 Athletics World Champs


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Can I just ask that whoever is in the Hero the Hedgehog costume be included in the new years honours list? I can't tell you how many times they have made me laugh during the coverage. Not sure if my favourite was him squaring up to Usain Bolt and then running away or holding up a sign saying "tons of laps to go" during the 10,000 metres.

Mascots are usually annoying but he/she has been spot on!
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The performance of the Hedgehog was far better than Mo in the 5000m who let the entire country down. Only winning silver is terrible.

.........ONLY JOKING.

Last night made up for a disappointing week. Mo gave it everything he had and the two relay teams really gave it all. A great night.


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oh yeah when I was there he was trying to get everyone up & do some dancing, I stood up but opted out the dancing too embarrassing but he has been very good, in a photo I posted on my facebook, I had the line I never thought I say " here is a Mexican wave that was started by a hedgehog that did about 4/5 laps. as you do :D

if you get the chance, try to catch the usain bolt tribute by Michael Johnson this evening around 9:05 it was before the 4x400 relay, it was outstanding & I had tear in the eye, as I watched him brilliantly sum up not his career, how we were feeling. had some great quotes :bawl:

"when he ran, we all ran with him"
"when he ran, everything was right with the world"
"there was times when Bolt ran, the world stopped"
"No part of us wants him to go, to grow slower and age as we do, but the end does come"


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finally found it the fantastic tribute from micheal Johnson that I was on about & still now the last 60/90 secs still give me a tear in the eye
(as ignore the 5:50 length, really ends at 4:30)

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