Torro Rosso STR5 revealed


Not my cup of cake
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The first car Torro Rosso have built themselves but, unsuprisingly, it looks a lot like a Red Bull (as do most of the others shown so far!)

It does bare a striking resemblence to a Red Bull!

And now I come to think of it the Mercedes is looking very bullish this year...
I reckon the RB6 will be the least Red Bull looking car on the grid this year...

And get a new paint job STR... you're not helping anyone by being identical to the main team!
Might be nice if they painted it in the pale blue of sugar free Red Bull, at least then we could tell the cars apart on the track (apart from the 15 grid place differences)
It will be hilarious if Newey comes up with something completely different for this season, won't it?

It didn't take long for all the cars to start looking the same again.
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