Top 10 Quizzes - Switzerland 1982


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Motorsport was banned in Switzerland in 1982, but it still held a Grand Prix - in Dijon, France. This was also Keke Rosberg's only win of his Championship year, so here is a Top 10 Quiz of the 1982 Swiss GP!

1. Keke Rosberg won the World Title in 1982 with one win and one pole. In which race was his pole position?

Britain, he retired with a Fuel Pressure problem

2. Alain Prost scored more points than anyone else in the 1980s. Who scored most points in the 1980s without taking a World Title in the 1980s.

Nigel Mansell

3. Niki Lauda made his debut at home in 1971 on the day Jackie Stewart claimed the World Title. Who took the win.

Jo Siffert

4. What occupation was Nelson Piquet's father?

Politician; he was Minister for Health at one point!

5. Riccardo Patrese's last race in Formula One was Senna's last win and Prost's last race. Who joined the two legends on the podium?

Damon Hill

6. In which year did Elio de Angelis finish in the Championship Top 3?

He was 3rd behind the McLaren drivers in 1984

7. Michele Alboreto was one of 11 race winners in 1982 and he finished equal 7th in the Championship. Who was he level on points with?

Patrick Tambay

8. Name the three drivers who Mansell finished runner-up to in the WDC.

Senna, Prost and Piquet

9. What was Derek Daly's best finish in 1982?


10. Andrea de Cesaris scored his only pole at the 1982 US West Grand Prix at Long Beach. It ended on a street circuit with de Crasharis predictably in the wall. Who was the previous person to put an Alfa on pole?

Bruno Giacomelli at Watkins Glen in 1980.
After a shakey start, stormed back to score a 6.

(thanks mainly to the Elio question)

Good quiz TBY :thumbsup:
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