Top 10 Quizzes - Japan 1990


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A race famous for a Senna/Prost collision at turn 1 produced a strange cast for this top 10 Quiz. And here is another set of successful Suzuka drivers for your quizzing pleasure.

1. How many times, excepting his 3 World Titles, did Nelson Piquet finish in the WDC Top 5?

4 (1980 2nd, 1984 5th, 1986 3rd, 1990 3rd)

2. Roberto Moreno scored 14 of his 15 points in F1 with Benetton. With which team did he score his other point at the 1987 Australian GP?


3. 'Super' Aguri Suzuki was 3rd. What was the best result for a non-Japanese driver in his team?

It was (of course) the media's current stock 'former F1 driver' (and probably the next Stig) Anthony Davidson in 11th in Spain, Canada and the USA in 2007.

4. Riccardo Patrese won the mad Monaco Grand Prix of 1982. Who was the next driver (in 4th place) to have actually crossed the line, albeit a lap down?

Nigel Mansell in 4th is the second finisher - he was behind Pironi and de Cesaris in completing the penultimate lap.

5. Thierry Boutsen's was part of Williams-Renault's (1989-97) worst ever WCC result in 1990. Where did they finish?

4th, behind McLaren, Ferrari and Benetton. They finished top 2 every other year!

6. Satoru Nakajima scored 7 points for Lotus in 1987. How many did his team-mate Ayrton Senna score?

57 points, 3rd in WDC. Half-Points for 55-60. Quarter-Points for anything above 50!

7. Nicola Larini had his greatest career race at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. In the other famous double death weekend in F1, in 1960, Olivier Gendelbien stood on the podium for one of only two occasions for Rob Walker and Cooper. Which two Antipodean drivers stood on the podium with Gendelbien?

Bruce McLaren (2nd) behind Jack Brabham.

8. Pierluigi Martini appeared in 30% of Minardi's historic F1 races, with 107 starts for the Faenza firm. Which two drivers share 2nd place with 33 drives on the Minardi appearance record?

Gianni Morbidelli and Marc Gene

9. Alex Caffi was one of two drivers who escaped from did not drive for Andrea Moda despite supposedly starting the season with them. Who was the other?

Enrico Bertaggia.

10. In 109 GP starts, how many points did Phillipe Alliot score?


So good luck with that set of drivers!
3 points for me.

(Including 1/2 a point for the Senna question and 1/2 a point for getting one of the two Minardi drivers)

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