Top 10 Quizzes - 1973 Brazilian GP


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The Brazilian GP started back in 1972, as a non-Championship F1 race. And, as was the custom in those days of 'sense' :s it was hence added to the calendar in 1973, having already been deemed a success.

1. The winner was World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi, who won the first of three consecutive home wins at the start of the Grand Prix' career. Who was the first non-Brazilian to win the race?

Niki Lauda, in 1976

2. Jackie Stewart was second. How many races did he win before next appearing on the lower steps of the podium?

5 (from 9 races). [1/2 point for 4 or 6]

3. Denny Hulme is one of New Zealand's 8 Grand Prix drivers, of which 4 raced 10+ Grands Prix. Name the other three for a third each!

Bruce "Orange" McLaren, Chris "Unlucky" Amon and Howden Ganley

4. Arturo Merzario scored 2 fourth places at the start of 1973. Which constructor did he score a 4th for in 1974?


5. Jacky Ickx scored 3 points for second place in the tragic 1975 Spanish half-Grand Prix. In which year did Ickx score his next F1 point?

1979, at the British GP for Ligier.

6. Clay Regazzoni scored 1 point at the Austrian Grand Prix in 1973 and 2 points at the same race in 1974. How many more points did he score in 1974 overall than 1973?

50! (1/2 point 40-60). In 1973 half his points for a struggling BRM were in Austria, in 1974 his Austrian points were his worst finish, barring 3 retirements and mechanical failures at the final race, as he nearly took the title. See also: Button, J (2008-09)

7. Iso-Marlboro's Howden Ganley was 7th. Which entrant ran Iso-Marlboro's cars?

The one, the only, SIR FRANK WILLIAMS

8. Niki Lauda 'retired' for 2 years + the 1979 US East Grand Prix. Who score the most points in this time? (ie. 1980-1 plus the 1979 US GP East)

Alan Jones - 117 (Nelson Piquet 2nd, Carlos Reutemann 3rd)

9. Nani Galli's only top 10 finish was in this race. 20 years later, in 1993, who scored his only F1 point in Brazil?

10. Fran├žois Cevert's untimely death at Watkins Glen prevented withdrawing team-mate Jackie Stewart reaching 100 Grands Prix. Name the two drivers (for 1/2 point each) who each became the first to gain 100 races at the 1968 Canadian GP.

Sir Jack Brabham and Graham Hill
3.5 / 9 because Q3 appears in the answer of 2.

I'm getting better at these pre-my-lifetime quizzes, firstly by doing the quizzes, then by doing some inspired reading on... the 1973 Brazilian GP, or the teams of '65 etc etc
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