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Stealing tooncheese's idea, I'm going to now try my hand at writing a two tiered quiz. I give you a subject and you pick your question before answering it!

1. The Record Books

Which driver scored 21 of his 22 wins for Williams in the 1990s?
Damon Hill

Who is the only World Champion since 1970 to score less than 6 wins in his career?
Keke Rosberg

2. 2002 European Grand Prix

Where was the 2002 European Grand Prix held?
The Nurburgring

Which future World Champion scored his second podium at the 2002 European Grand Prix?
Kimi Raikkonen

Name the Minardi drivers at the 2002 European Grand Prix for a point each.
Alex Yoong and Mark Webber

3. Bastille Day

Which Frenchman scored a podium on Bastille Day 1991 at Silverstone?
Alain Prost

Who won the Bastille Day British Grand Prix of 1996?
Jacques Villeneuve

Chico Landi, born 14 July 1907, scored his only points in Formula One at the 1956 Argentine Grand Prix where he shared a car. Name either of the drivers who won with a shared car for two points.
Luigi Musso or Juan Manuel Fangio.

4. Fatality

Who died in an F1 car on 30th April 1994?
Roland Ratzenburger

After Gilles Villeneuve's death, which year did Zolder return to the calendar for one last Belgian Grand Prix?

Who was the first person to die in a World Championship race (other than the Indy 500)?
Luigi Musso at the 1958 French Grand Prix. Onofre Marimon died in a Practice session in 1954 at the Green Hell and earns 1.5 points if you said him

5. Finland

Which Finn had most wins?
Mika Hakkinen with 20 to Kimi R's 18

For 2/5 of a point each, name JJ Lehto's 5 Constructors in F1.
Dallara, Sauber, Onyx, Benetton, Monteverdi

It is out of 10. Good luck!
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