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Thought I'd write my first quiz in ages by posting one question relating to each GP of the season. Remember, it's just a bit of fun. Good luck and here we go:

1) The Australian Grand Prix has been the first GP of every season since 1996 with the exception of which two years?

2006 and 2010 - Bahrain held the debut race in both years (1/2 point for each)

2) By today's scoring table, how many points would Malaysian racing legend, Alex Yoong have scored in his short F1 career?

7 (6 for a 7th place and 1 more for a 10th - have yourself half a point for being 1 either side

3) Who won the first Chinese GP way back in 2004?

It was pole sitter, Rubens Barrichello

4) There have been 8 Bahrain GP's. Renault and Ferrari have won 6 between them. Name the two teams to have won the other two?

Brawn in 09 and Red Bull in 2012 (half a point for each)

5) Who won the last, non championship, Spanish GP?

Alan Jones

6) Plenty of drivers live there but who was the last Monegasque to race in F1?

Olivier Beretta (10 races for Larrousse in 1994)

7) Which team took the last of their 3 wins, in F1 at the Canadian GP, on their way to the runner up spot in that years championship?

Wolf GP

8) The British GP has only been held at three venues in the modern GP era, name the only driver to have won the British GP at all three?

Jim Clark

9) The German GP has only been held outside of the two Rings, once. In which year?

1959, at AVUS Berlin

10) When Nigel Mansell took the spoils at the 1989 Hungarian GP, from what position did he start on the grid?


11) After the famous pile up at the 1998 Belgian GP, four drivers failed to take the restart. Name 'em?

Salo, Barrichello, Rosset and Panis (1/4 point for each)

12) What was tragically bizarre about the 1961 and 1978 Italian GPs?

The only possible title challenger was killed thus crowning the world champion (Von Tripps leaving Phill Hill as champion and Peterson leaving Andretti as champion, these are the only times an American has won the world title. (point for an answer along these lines)

13) The 2008 Singapore GP saw which driver take his last ever points in F1?

David Coulthard

14) Who equaled his best finish of the season with 4th place at the 2010 Korean GP

Michael Schumacher

15) James Hunt raced twice at Japan and must have loved the place, where did he qualify on both occasions?


16) Both Chandhok and Karthikeyan raced for HRT / Hispania Racing. Who out of the two had the highest finish for the team?

Chandhok, with 2 14th places in 2010, Karthikeyan's best was 15th at Monaco in 2012

17) Poor Nico Rosberg was twice hit during the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP, the first time he had to stop for a new nose and the 2nd put him out of the race. Which two drivers did all the damage?

Romain Grosjean and Narain Karthikeyan (1/2 point for each)

18) Amazingly, 5 British drivers won every US GP from 1960 until Jochen Rindt upset the party by winning the 1969 race, but which Brit equaled his best ever F1 finish by coming runner up to Rindt that day?

Piers Courage

19) The French must love Brazil because every year between 1978 and 1992 a French man finished in the top 6. For the final mad question, can you name the four French drivers (between those years) who finished in the top 6 but have never actually won the Brazilian GP?

Pironi, Depailler, Tambay and Alesi (1/4 point for each)
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