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Vettel vs Webber. Hamilton vs Button. Massa vs Alonso, di Montezemelo, Dominicali and God. Team-mate battles have been the story of 2010. So this quiz deals with team-mate squabbles back for the 60 years of the Championship. Let the battles commence.

1. Ferrari's first one-two was at Monza. Who joined Jose-Frolian Gonzales on the podium in 1951?

Alberto Ascari

2. The first qualifying session with Q1/Q2/Q3 finished in a one-two for which team?

Ferrari, with Schumi and Massa at Bahrain 2006)

3. How many one-twos were there in the 1982 season?

2 or 3. One for Ferrari (Pironi/Villeneuve, San Marino), One for Renault (Prost/Arnoux, France). The ambiguity comes from Brabham's "one-two" at the 1982 Canadian GP, with Nelson Piquet in a BMW engined car and his team-mate Riccardo Patrese in a Ford Cosworth powered car. They are listed as different teams in the WCC for that year, but I'm going to be generous and give a point for 2 or 3

4. Which is the only constructor who's only win was a one-two?

BMW Sauber, at the 2008 Canadian GP (Kubica/Heidfeld)

5. In the two years of the Prost/Senna vitriolic team, who scored the most net points?

Prost, who actually scored most net points in both seasons (1988, 1989) of his 'partnership' with Ayrton Senna

6. Between 1996 and 1999, Michael Schumacher scored 267 points. How many did Edmund Irvine score in the same time period (including Schumi's time off in 1999)

[bg=#FF5555](a) 156[/bg][bg=#FFFF22](b) 166[/bg][bg=#55FF55](c) 176[/bg][bg=#5555FF](d) 186[/bg][bg=#FF22FF](e) 196[/bg]

[bg=#FF5555](a) 156[/bg]

7. Nigel Mansell had 9 team-mates in F1. I will name the 3 he shared least Grands Prix with, and for 1/6 of a point name the other 6.

Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, Mario Andretti

Elio de Angelis, Keke Rosberg, Nelson Piquet, Riccardo Patrese, Gerhard Berger, Alain Prost.

8. Name the two constructors to secure one (and one only) front row lockout in 2009, without ever scoring another one in F1 history.

Brawn GP (Australia, Button/Barrichello), Toyota (Bahrain, Trulli/Glock)

9. Name all 3 of Michael Schumacher's team-mates in his 1994 Championship year for 1/3 of a point each.

Jos Verstappen, JJ Lehto, Johnny Herbert

10. Who got 3rd place in Q3 in the 2007 Hungarian GP! (NOTE: NOT WHO STARTED THIRD)

Nick Heidfeld
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