The summer break quiz.


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Here's a quiz for the summer break all about breaks.

See how you get on.

1) Between Hungary and Belgium last year, Hamilton and Vettel managed to swap places with Hamilton 1st and Vettel 3rd in Hungary and the other way around in Belgium. For half a point each, name the two drivers who stood on the second step in Hungary and Belgium?

Kimi in Hungary and Fernando in Belgium

2) In 1985 after a two year break from the sport, who became the second and so far last driver to race a car carrying the number "1" without being the reigning world champion since that system began?

John Watson replacing Lauda for one race due to Lauda being injured

3) Who started his first ever F1 race from Pole Position but then did not get another Pole for eight years?

Mario Andretti Watkins Glen 68 to Mount Fuji 76

4) During Honda's time away from F1 as a constructor, only three British drivers drove Honda engined cars. Nigel Mansell and Jenson Button were two, who was the third?

Anthony Davidson

5) The South African GP at Kyalami was dropped after the 85 race and didn't return until 1992. Mansell won both events but which driver finished 5th at both?

Gerhard Berger for Arrows in 85 and McLaren in 92

6) After taking a year out due to being unable to find an engine supplier, who scored Brabham's final podium on their return to the track in 1989?

Stefano Modena with 3rd at the 1989 Monaco GP

7) In 1975 Graham Hill's embassy team used Lola chassis, until their own car was ready, who were the next team in Formula one to enter cars using the name Lola?

Team Haas (Beatrice Lola or Haas Lola)

8) Who finished 14th in his last formula one race after finishing 14th in his last classified race finish (in a full season) with a tiny matter of a 10 year wait between the two ?

Luca Badoer

9) Both Martin Brundle and Derek Warwick took time out from F1 in their careers. Brundle left in 89 and returned in 91 while Warwick left at the end of 90 and returned in 93. What I'd like to know is which driver was more successful in his comeback season?

It was Warwick at Footwork with 4 points to Brundle at Brabham's 2

10) Finally, in the aftermath of the 1994 Brazilian GP, Eddie Irvine was invited to take a 1 race break which was increased to 3 on appeal. Name the three drivers that Irvine punted out of the race in order to earn his ban?

Martin Brundle, Jos Verstappen and Eric Bernard *have half a point if you get 2 out of the three

So, how did you get on ??
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I feel sorry for those who thought they got 2/3 on the last question only to be robbed of a decimal!
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