The Renault R30


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Hot on the heels of the new Sauber, Renault have also launched their 2010 contender.

It's a huge improvement on their 2009 car IMO.

Images below - click for larger versions.

Edit: It would appear this is just an R29 in 2010 livery. Not sure why Renault have done this when they said they would be launching the new car today. So we will have to wait until tomorrow before we see the actual R30.



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Hey! Fantastic! Just like the old turbo Renaults. Well done Renault :thumbsup:

Now, get rid of Total rouge and get Elf back on board and we'll be in business!

EDIT: Ok, so it's Total and Elf, but they should still ditch the red, so there.
I have to agree with GordonMurray on this one. It is great having a return of the yellow and black. But they really DO need to lose the red!!
Holy Cow, That actually looks quite good. (with the exception of the shark fin which should be outlawed on looks alone!!!)

:thumbsup: Well done Renault.

Wonder how it runs though?
where did the orange go? deeply disappointed here.

but all the cars seem to look like razors this year. a secret link with gilette?
Does the nose on this look familiar? Dungong/Renault R30 - Renault R30/Dungong. Apart from the colour I can't tell the difference LOL

I am not at all sure I see the resemblence. :dunno: However there appears to be a relationship speed wise...

The Dungong is not the fastest mammal in the sea... :whistle:
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