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A new style to the ever-experimental quiz forum. I give you a list of 5 things and you must answer by ranking them in order of a certain condition. You score half a point for getting 3 in the right position and a full point for getting all 5 in the right position. Clear as mud? Here we go!

My results will always be given from highest to lowest unless stated (i.e. Q8)

1. Rank in order of number of Grand Prix.

a. Hungary
b. Argentina
c. Netherlands
d. South Africa
e. Austria

c (30), e (26), a (25), d (23), b (20)

2. Rank in order of age at final win.

a. Patrick Tambay
b. Alan Jones
c. Nelson Piquet
d. Keke Rosberg
e. Jacques Laffite

c (38), e (35), d (36), b (34), a (33)

3. Rank in order of points scored in 1994 season.

a. Rubens Barrichello
b. David Coulthard
c. Nigel Mansell
d. Olivier Panis
e. Martin Brundle

a (19), e (16), b (14), c (13), d (9)

4. Rank in order of Fastest Laps achieved in F1.

a. Fernando Alonso
b. Mika Hakkinen
c. Felipe Massa
d. Rubens Barrichello
e. Kimi Raikkonen

e (35), b (25), a (18), d (17), c (12)

5. Rank by order of number of races where drivers from this nation finished 1st and 2nd.

a. Italy
b. Finland
c. Germany
d. Brazil
e. Argentina

a (16), d (11), c (9), e (6), b (0)

6. Rank these car numbers by number of wins.

a. #2
b. #5
c. #8
d. #12
e. #22

b(126), a (80), c (48), d (37), e (14)

7. Rank by number of wins at the Japanese Grand Prix.

a. Red Bull
b. Williams
c. McLaren
d. Brabham
e. Ferrari

c (8), e (7), b (3), a (2), d (0)

8. Rank by order on the grid at the 2004 Belgian Grand Prix.

a. Jenson Button (BAR)
b. Jarno Trulli (Renault)
c. Giancarlo Fisichella (Sauber)
d. Fernando Alonso (Renault)
e. Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren)

b (Pole), d (3rd), c (5th), e (10th, Race Winner), a (12th)

9. Rank in order of GP for Lotus.

a. Graham Hill
b. Jim Clark
c. Ayrton Senna
d. Mario Andretti
e. Emerson Fittipaldi

d (79), b (52), a (59), c (48), e (42)

10. Rank in order of length of race in time.

a. 1975 Spanish GP
b. 1975 Austrian GP
c. 1984 Monaco GP
d. 1991 Australian GP
e. 2009 Malaysian GP

c (61 minutes), b (57 minutes), e (55 minutes), a (42 minutes), d (21 minutes)

If you like it, there'll be more...
4 points, with only one completely correct (Q7). Six halves (q10 i had 2nd and 4th wrong way around, in other ones two successive ones)
Great, tough quiz. I got 4 points, but only the last one was completely correct.

(btw, I noticed a typing mistake at Q9 answer)
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