The Question of Kimi

If Kimi continues with his poor performances this season and ends up losing his seat at Ferrari for next season, then i would love to see Nico Hulkenburg get a chance to drive at Ferrari.
Both Kimi and Alonso are past their prime. In terms of pace, it seems they're equally fast but Alonso beat Kimi in terms of racecraft. Because of that Kimi may beat Alonso in qualifying but Alonso will end up ahead of him. Politics play a role but from what I've seen this year, Alonso has not played his moves all that much. I am a little disappointed in Kimi but hey, he's the older driver on the grid after all ...
Just read this:

Kimi says that the car was not good down the fast straights, the car was no good in the slow corners, the handling was all over the place, the brakes weren't right, he never had a clear track and Kyvat held him up. All that and by the time he got back to the pits his ice cream had melted (that might not be true).

Despite all that he says the team are incouraged by the upgrades.

A hatful of excuses but I still don't think any of them are the real issue. I don't know what is though.
(I might have made the ice cream part up)

I think they both have to say the part about the new parts being good as they've been told to by their press officer.

As for the other bits it worries me that Alonso is saying the same as him because clearly Kimi is struggling more with the car and I was hoping he had a reason more specific to him.
Well, he looked at his best when he was in a Newey designed McLaren, and a tail end Byrne designed Ferrari. Could he have been flattered by machinery in his earlier career?
Although the Ferraris seemed slow, they still managed to set the 2nd and 3rd fastest laptimes in the race, so perhaps their inability to overtake (possibly due to a weak engine) really let them down.

I'd like to see Räikkönen move to McLaren next year, so he will be re-united with Boullier and Dennis, the team-bosses who really made him shine.
Fastest Lap times could be quite unrepresentative at this time. Perez had a different tyre strategy, he held the Red Bulls back, none of the Force Indian Railways carriages had any clear air, plus Mercedes ran at half power at the business end of the contest.
I know that there are some who are criticised for doing well in Newey designed cars. I am not sure how good Kimi really is. I appreciate that he is new to Ferrari, but When Fernando went to Ferrari, he won races, when Lewis went to Merc, he won races, when Jenson went to McLaren, he won races, when Seb went to Red Bull, he won races.

I am not saying that, with Mercedes dominance this year that I would expect him to win races, but a third here and there would be good to prove he is as good as he has been built up to be. At the moment (early days, such as it is) he is not looking like the challenge for Alonso that I thought he would be, I know that there is still a long way to go on that, but I would have expected to see something by now, a little flash like we saw at Lotus maybe?
I appreciate that he is new to Ferrari, but When Fernando went to Ferrari, he won races, when Lewis went to Merc, he won races, when Jenson went to McLaren, he won races, when Seb went to Red Bull, he won races.
This year has been such a massive upheaval for all of F1; powertrain, aero, FIA rules, etc., I think it unkind and a tad unrealistic to compare Kimi with other drivers who have merely moved teams without taking on a whole new concept and come out with a reasonable 'performance'.

There was always going to be those who can't, as yet, 'get a grip' of the new formula - and we have a perfect example in Mr Winfinger.
But all the drivers have taken on the additional gubbins, so that does not really figure, surely, and yes there will be those who do better from it, but mostly, the general competitive order remains intact. I think it is fair to compare.
I agree, but he would have to get past Alonso. Also, the same could be said for many drivers on the grid. Kimi has been seen in the past as one of the better ones, I am not sure he is showing us those qualities at the moment, although I am not convinced of this myself as yet.
I just think that more than anyone on the grid, Raikkonen becomes a different animal when there is a chance of victory. I don't believe he takes nearly as much satisfaction from simply beating his teammate to a minor points paying position as some others do.

Kimi has Ferrari over a barrel right now as well. He's their last WDC. They've already axed him once and don't want to do it again. And he's owed a boatload of money in 2015 regardless. If they sort themselves out, than Kimi will follow suit.
Mr Winfinger is being beat by his team mates but to suggests he's had anything like the issues Kimi has this year is pushing it.

When Seb's car has been running be's been on the pace and we haven't seen the steange errors Kimi has been making. Might I add we haven't seen errors like it from KMag and Kyvat either.

Its gone on too long for it just to be the new regs unless the argument is that Kimi is less adaptable than the rest of the field. Still think there is something fundamentaly wrong with his set up.
I honestly don't see much point in dissecting Kimi's season corner by corner right now. If his highly touted teammate was regularly fighting for wins or even podiums then you may have a case, but Alonso's lone P3 is nothing to write home about. And would we even be having this conversation if he stays out of Chilton's way in Monaco?
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